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The demon of anti-heathen hate reincarnates

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The Leicester event of the past week, mirroring what has been happening across the Indian continent nearly every month, goes on to show how deeply disturbed certain sections of the international society are at the mere at existence of ‘pagan Hindus’ [0].

However, this is not limited to a set of well-organized yet unhinged rabble.

S N Balagangadhara (of the ‘Heathen in his Blindness’ fame at U. Ghent) mentions that most academics-intellectuals (shock, horror) the world over (incl. India) are deeply uncomfortable with the continued existence of us accursed heathens; that many of the half-truths and blatant lies that come from this canon, are now reifying into actual physical violence (the blood-libel redux) is not surprising, if deeply disturbing. That the Western media jumped to blame people who had their temples attacked says quite a lot. That they did this using the ‘anti-Zionism’ redux, says yet more. That they’ve been playing this language game in the reportage of the subcontinent for the decades, should alarm us, and yet it does not.

Worse yet, the ostensibly ‘liberal-democratic’ Indian state that’s supposed to represent us, instead, treats us as third-class subjects (not citizens, nota bene) denying us the most basic of Human rights [2], all for merely being said accursed heathens who’ve lived in India for millennia holding on, however badly, to grand inherited traditions (not religions, nota bene) – yet, whatever ‘rights’ one does have are legally, judicially, a ‘bheek’, a ‘gift’ taken back as and when the Indian state pleases [2][1].

GOI has ridden roughshod, taking over and destroying numerous temples & institutions with impunity, while their illiterate phenomenally brain-dead opponents (both at home and abroad) paint them as ‘representatives of Hindus’ solidifying their position yet more [3][4][5]. The legal state of affairs is set to get much worse in this decade. The princeling-in-waiting for the role of chief-justice of India (yes, it really is that feudal), DY Chandrachud, the darling of the liberals the world over, wishes to take away even this ‘bheek’ of GOI from us by getting rid of the ‘essential practice test’, and make our existence that much harder judicially [2].

When one raises one’s voice for equal treatment, for empirical evidence, for academic rigor – all things considered important in the European modernity, one that these corrupt ‘elites’ swear by – you’re called a ‘fascist’, a ‘terrorist’, and physically attacked by one camp for not sticking to your role of being a meek ‘dhimmi’; when you ask for freedom from state-control you’re called an ‘anti-national’ for offending the leader-du-jour by another camp.

What a despicable state of human affairs all this is. An insult both to European values, that these cretins claim to follow, and more so to the Indian traditions that they ostentatiously claim to represent.

Against hope, for not being the last of the heathens of India in this century, may knowledge spread this Navaratri. As for the terrorized Hindus of Leicester, who’ve been made to relive the terrors experienced by their far-less lucky accursed brethren on the Indian sub-continent, we hope the Govt. and intellectuals of UK, like those in the West, wake up and not reprise into the world, the sordid history of anti-Semitism onto yet another unprotected group.

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