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What changed after 2014; from the eyes of a teen student

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I am still a student and my grammar might have some errors, but my words will have honesty.

I have seen the entire country change in a very fast way. Before 2014, we didn’t use to feel that a prime minister is so much powerful that he may bring both negative and positive changed in the country on a vast scale. I, personally don’t remember any of the jaw dropping actions by Shri Manmohan Singh Ji. He could have been a polite soul, but he wasn’t certainly the figure, enemies of country would fear from. We were attacked by terrorists a lot of times, from Ahmedabad to Mumbai 26/11 attacks, we knew where the terrorists came from, and yet we could do nothing that satisfy the pain in heart of the Indians.

I saw the entire politics changing when Narendra Modi started campaigning before 2014 elections. There was a visible tension in the politics of India. Modi had been accused of standing along the Hindu side in the Gujarat riots, and had been hated and criticized internationally. He was also declared free of charge by the honorable court. I saw things changing afterwards.

I saw Jio coming with 4G at free for few months. I saw a digital wave in India. Everybody has a smartphone. Around that time Jio launched it’s own series of affordable smartphones branded under ‘LYF’.

Even for online payments for form fillings or electricity bills or television and sims recharges, we used to go to a mobile shop who used to do all of these. Now, India has the most number of digital transactions in the world.

We came to knew about Tripple Talak and article 370 and we saw their removal creating a rucksack in the world. We saw the verdict of Ram mandir came peacefully without violence.

We came to knew that we could reply Pakistan in their language only and not just with talks every time. Hindus were killed ever since 700 if I am right, but we didn’t use to even know that something has happened in some part of the country. We feel now. Now is that we come to know everything, we feel sad and pain and emotions for that. Also that thing is possible because of the 4G wave in the country that has digitalized India so much, that anything happening in some remote part of India comes to our knowledge in no time.

On international level, West now criticizes or requests us, but not orders like before. We feel something for our culture, for our country. And these things haven’t even crossed a decade. That’s from the eye of a man who was just a clueless class 8th student back then, and an aspiring writer now.

But I have seen a change. And change is good. Cause change is revolution.

With revolutions, is written history. We have been taught that wrong anyways.

Jai hind. Jai bharat. Har Har Mahadev !

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