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What harm ‘Sicku-Maku’ Bongs have done?

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(Clarification: The term ‘Sicku-Maku’ is used in West Bengal. It is the local acronym for SECULAR-MARXIST)

Mamata Banerjee has been unnecessarily credited for halting BJP’s progress in West Bengal in 2021 election. She is not at all a challenge to BJP. Prashant Kishor may try his best to project her as anti-BJP face at national level, but Mamata Banerjee has no worthy political credibility without Muslim community of West Bengal.

Muslims in West Bengal, like anywhere in India, hate BJP as they hated Congress as “Hindu Party” before 1947. To consolidate Muslim votes in her favor, Mamata Banerjee has only used this hatred of Muslims towards BJP by playing CAA card and appeasing them with some schemes.   

Mamata Banerjee has retained power in West Bengal for third consecutive time in 2021 mainly because of landslide demographic shift in the state in favor of Muslims. The state has about 35 percent of Muslims now. In 1951 census Muslims were 19.5 percent in West Bengal. This increase in Muslim population was encouraged through illegal infiltration from Bangladesh during the 34 years of Communist rule and then TMC rule.

Even as per Kazi Masum Akhtar, a Muslim intellectual of West Bengal, out of 48 percent of vote share of Mamata Banerjee in 2021 Assembly Election, 30 percent came from Muslims and 18 percent from Hindus. On the other hand, BJP’s vote share of 38 percent came from Hindu voters only.

Unlike West Bengal, Hindu votes had consolidated in Assam which helped BJP to remain in power in the state. Muslim population in Assam is also about 35 percent. But unlike West Bengal, Assam has a very negligible burden on Sicku-Maku Hindu Assamese people.

The recent Jahangirpuri Islamic riot (April 2022) in Delhi has shown how organized they are to launch violence at community level. Evil minded Brinda Karat supported those Jihadis, but never opened her mouth after the lynching of two Hindu Sadhus in Palghar. Meanwhile TMC connection of the prime accused (Ansar) of Jahangirpuri riot has been found. It will not be surprising if Ansar is found to be an illegal Bangladeshi infiltrator.   

Jahangirpuri became news as Delhi Police swung into action in no time and media were allowed to cover. Had this been in West Bengal, Hindus would have suffered the loss, media would have remained silent, state administration and ruling party would have ignored the incidence and Sicku-Maku Bongs would have licked the poster of ‘Hindu-Muslim unity’. A few dozens of such anti-Hindu riots had already occurred in West Bengal during past some years. The bottom line is West Bengal is lost to Jihadis permanently.

What Assam thinks today, West Bengal can’t even think tomorrow.

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