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the Difficulties of practising hindu culture at JNU

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The history of religious atrocities in JNU is one of the most overlooked facts of the campus. In previous years, especially since the 2010s a series of religious atrocities have taken place. 

· Leftist student organizations celebrated Mahishasura Divas during Navratri-s and insulting posters of Maa Durga were pasted on the walls in the name of artistic freedom.

· An effigy of Bhagwan Ram was hanged from a tree near K.C. market.

· Leftist student-hooligans attacked Durga Pooja Pandal in Kaveri Lawn.

· A Havan, organized by students of Jhelum Hostel was desecrated by a card holder Marxist Burton Cleetus in 2015.

· Abusive and derogatory slogans about Maa Durga were raised by the Leftist goons on the eve of Dussehra in 2014.

· Students of SES were brutally attacked and beaten up, because the common students organized Saraswati Pooja in the campus in 2018.

The Recent Incident of Atrocity on the integrity and celebration of Hindu-Muslim festivals

Some of the examples above clearly show the cost of being a practicing Hindu in the so-called Left Bastion of the Country. This also shows the hypocrite nature of the so called Leftist liberals and Intellectual Brigade, which in practice is nothing but a deadly nexus of brain-washed semi-literate folks filled with contempt for Hindus and their cultural practices and the violent leftist hooligans, stooping down on violent means to disturb and destroy the inclusive fabric of the campus. The question however is, what do they actually want and what makes them hate the cultural practices of this country so much that these students and scholars do not hesitate to become goons? Is this the way of achieving the utopia, about which they make tall claims? The recent event which took place yesterday is an exemplar of their so-called leftist utopia, where people ‘can be’ (though the real incidents imply ‘must be’) beaten up, ostracized, canceled and what not, if they don’t toe the Party-Line. This is exactly what happened yesterday:

The Anti-Hindu Pattern was repeated by the Naxalite goons to disturb the communal harmony of the JNU Campus. The residents of Kaveri hostel organized Ram Navami Pooja on 10th April 2022 at 03 PM. Simultaneously, Iftar was organized and Muslims along with their friends of other faith were enjoying a pleasant conversation. This inclusive and all-welcoming nature of the campus, and this instance of the Kaveri hostel pained the leftist no end. After all, how can the followers of ‘Religion is an Opium of the Masses’ gallop the fact that Indian Culture has been the most tolerant and inclusive society in the world, which built the first mosque of the world. This is the society which believes in Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam. 

It was their hate for Hindu Tradition and Indian Cultural practices that leftist students showed their true colors, and left no stone unturned in disturbing the peaceful organization of Pooja. First the Leftist leaders threatened the organizers, when the organizers did not budge, they were beaten up for practicing what is their very root. However, the organizers preferred the Pooja over the goons and started the Pooja around 05 PM. While the Pooja was taking place and common students started gathering for Aarati, the Leftist cabal was collecting stones and sticks to attack their fellow university students. The magnitude of their frustration could be seen by the fact that they added the MEAT-ANGLE to this whole thing, and threatened the Meat Vendor and made him run away. The Hostel Mess-Secretary, an AISA leader, became the catalyst when he canceled the Non-Veg food in the hostel and blamed the ABVP for the same, while factually there are 18 hostels, of which 17 hostels served Non-Veg without any issue, whatsoever. These Lord of Lies tried their best to peddle the discourse that the ABVP was against Meat in the hostel. The fact however doesn’t support their argument. 

Around 08 PM the Leftist Goons gheraoed the Kaveri Hostel and attacked the students with the slogans of Lal Salaam. While the ABVP students became the prey to these brain-washed vultures, the female students were made subject to their violence and anti-feminist sloganeerings. The most unfortunate was the situation of freshers, who have come to JNU with a hope of inclusive and just campus, saw the leftist leaders transforming into stone-pelters. Yes, the SFI President was pelting stones on his fellow students when the students refused to accept his demand to stop the Pooja and asked him to stop the misogynist remarks that he was making on fellow girls. 

ABVP assures the students community that it stands firm with the student community of this university. It believes in a peaceful campus and peaceful co-existence of different faiths and different cultures, and it would strive towards making this campus a Centre of academic excellence. ABVP will try its best to save the campus and the inclusive nature of this campus through discussion and dialogue. At the same time, ABVP will leave no stone unturned in opposing the Leftist hooligans from attacking and destroying the university, its premises and its stake-holders, as the university belongs to the student community and not to the Leftists leaders who are real threat to the inclusive nature of this campus. I spent my glorious three years in BHU where every community shares their views without any hesitation, but JNU still has a monotonous mindset which can’t accept hindu culture . JNU is India’s top versity it must accept the rich diversity of our nation.

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