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Russia Ukraine Crisis

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A Chartered Accountant and an Information Systems Professional with about 25 years experience. Passionate about sports.

Russia and Ukraine currently waging a war. Viewing this afar from India, with no skin in the game, the difficult question one has to ask oneself is, who has the moral high ground in this war? If at all, there is a moral high ground.

On one side there is the President of Ukraine, educated in USA, a career as a stand-up comedian with his own TV show. Based on the popularity of the TV show, he runs for President and surprisingly/shockingly gets elected. He talks a lot about democracy and democratic values. Yet in the first 2 years of his Presidency, he arrests and jails his main political opponent. He shuts down 2 TV stations critical of his functioning. So, one can see, that his posturing on democracy is just that – Posturing. He does not seem to believe in the free exchange of views that are so fundamental to a democracy.

Yet, because of his Western education and his opposition to the Russian President – Vladimir Putin, he is supported by the Western Europe leaders and USA. 

On the other side, is the President of Russia – Vladimir Putin. His career is well known – a former KGB spy who has seen the hypocrisy of the West from close quarters for more than 40 years and deeply distrusts them. His seemingly only interest is to protect Russian interests. Putin has also said that he does not want to take over the country, if Ukraine agrees to not be a part of NATO.

Almost one week of war has exposed the double standards of the West and USA. They are openly supporting a President who gives only lip service to democracy. Reports have come out that he is arming mercenaries to fight for Ukraine. Videos have come out exposing the racist mentality of the Ukrainian people and their army. Their UN Ambassador was seen giving sly threats to countries whose people are stuck in Ukraine to support their side, otherwise he could not guarantee safety to the stranded people of those countries. He is alleged to even using the stranded foreigners as human shields. Yet, they support the Ukrainian President.

The West has started imposing sanctions on Russia. They have even targeted the Russian private citizens and their wealth by seizing their assets. They have given themselves the right to moralise and act as Judge, Jury and Executioner.

The Western Media has once again displayed their bias towards people other than Whites. Numerous journalists have said on record that Ukraine is a civilised nation and hence needs support. In that one statement, they have whitewashed the crimes of USA and the other Western countries in their attacks and interference in Asia and Africa and established their contempt for other races.

As a common citizen in India, it is hard not to get affected by what is going on in Ukraine. I have read about the various invasions of India, including the wars between 1947- 71. I witnessed the war in 1999 and have been witnessing the frequent attacks on India via Kashmir/Mumbai etc. There is only suffering for the people. Lives are lost, economy gets impacted, in these acts of Politicians.

Ukraine wants to get free of big brother Russia and have a life of its own. Yet, who are they choosing? The hypocritical NATO and the West.

One can understand Russia’s position. They have supported India against these Western nations whenever India faced difficult times. Now, they do not want NATO at their borders and their interference. In all this, the UN has acted as per its nature – toothless and biased.

The Indian government has been very clear and nuanced in its stance, via its views and abstentions in the UN Security Council Meetings. The Indian govt has repeatedly asked for ceasefire and resumption of dialogue. Historically, Ukraine had taken a stance against India – supporting the sanctions against India in 1999 post our nuclear testing and asking for Article 370 to be reimposed. Yet, Indian leadership has shown maturity. It has not taken sides openly. India is lucky to have an experienced External Affairs Minister and well-liked and respected Prime Minister. This is reflected in the statements from the Western nations on our stance. India has never attacked another country. Our recent actions of taking tough decisions shown by our air strikes in Balakot etc. have given us respect in the eyes of the World. India needs to play a leading role in diffusing the war in Ukraine.

History has time and again shown that the ones who pay a heavy price in any war are the common people who have to suffer at the hands of scheming and ambitious politicians. The only winners in this war are the Armaments manufacturers and their lobbyists and agents. We can only wish for a swift ending to this crisis, with as little loss of lives and destruction of property. But then, it is not in our hands. We have to wait and watch.

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A Chartered Accountant and an Information Systems Professional with about 25 years experience. Passionate about sports.
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