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Russia Ukraine War

The War in Ukraine: A threat to global peace

The war in Ukraine is a tragedy that has already had a devastating impact on the country and its people. However, the war could also have a disastrous impact on the future of the world.

Its not T-90 that sucks

During the whole operation the point of conversation among the military specialists has been the vulnerability of Russian tanks to the Ukraine army which is operating the same platform or say comparatively inferior versions of T-Tanks.

Russia and China relation- Old friends new horizon

China invested heavily in CPEC which they regarded as a dream project and a way to revive the ancient Silk Route has already taken a hit, and countries part of it are under the trap of Chinese debt or have defaulted.

वलोडिमिर ऑलेक्ज़ेंड्रोविच ज़ेलेंस्की: एक कॉमेडियन जिसका अहंकार  यूक्रेन के लिए बना शाप- PART-2

आइये देखते हैं की एक कॉमेडियन के पीछे छुपे अहंकारी व्यक्तित्व ने किस प्रकार यूक्रेन को नष्ट कर दिया।

2022 – The year of hope, despair or gloom

This year has been notably different in welcoming the end rather than exceptional individual achievements, Geo-political developments, economical headwinds or natural calamities.

Don’t defy Prof. Babones bravado, instead introspect

India is secular only because it is Hindu majority.

Weak Russia and Putin not good for world peace

If Putin is a dictator and human right violator and strangulated democratic aspiration of Russians and waged war against tiny neighbor, Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky in comparison is no less brutal in his own country going by the reports of London based Amnesty International - 2021, US based Foreign Policy Focus -2021, etc.

Europe interest best served telling Uncle Sam goodbye

Apart from American threat, Russia can’t trust revisionist and expansionist Communist China in her resource rich Eastern frontier though they are allies now.

After Pakistan, Ukraine is the new playground for the US; here is how the future looks like

In today's scenario, the US with its whooping $20 Trillion GDP, is miles ahead of any other country. Russia with its less than $2 Trillion GDP is ten times weaker. This is the very recipe of a disaster.

Biden’s $40billion war aid to Ukraine is fatal

Over two decades time, the US spent about $2,313 billion (Watson Institute) in Afghanistan and Pakistan, but left the country handing over the same to rogue elements that America ousted in 2021 with the excuse of ‘Americans were not in Afghanistan for nation building.’

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