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Vir Das, Warfare and You

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What’s the new thing in warfare these days?Fourth generation warfare- using civil society to destabilize other countries. Eg: You want to hamper India’s tourism sector? Use their own people to create paranoia. Few hours after Vir Das highlighted the grim situation of things in India on an international platform, the US issued a travel advisory flagging rape in India. Makes you wonder, would they have given our artists such a big stage if the content was not critical of India?

Vir Das was so happy to have made it to Kennedy Center. But there are no free lunches in this world. Geopolitics is complex now. And the lines between war and politics are blurring. In the next 5-6 years, you will see India becoming a $5 trillion economy, you will see that any multilateral international agreement is finding it difficult to go ahead without India (eg., RCEP), you will see India becoming a global super power. And you will also see that, your icons like Rihanna are suddenly talking about India. Some Indian artists are suddenly becoming internationally relevant, and most of these will be left leaning. The internet will be full of hype about how hopeless India is, how your freedom is in danger, etc. It’s a repeated cycle used multiple times that led to the downfall of many West Asian nations.

Whatever party is at the centre then, your faith in your country is the only weapon you’ll have to fight. Don’t let that go. Fight against ideologies, never against your country.

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