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Maridhas – Young Nationalist, targeted by corrupt, anti-Hindu forces in Tamil Nadu

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There are two individuals who are feared by corrupt forces in Tamil Nadu.

1. Annamalai, the young BJP leader, who is exposing the wrong doings of Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) government, almost on a daily basis in Tamil Nadu.

2. Maridhas, an independent journalist, who fearlessly exposes corruption in the past and present by DMK.

Maridhas has a following of nearly half a million users. Our great General Bipin Rawat’s death in Helicopter crash has really caused great pain to all true nationalist citizens and Maridhas is no exception. Maridhas expressed anguish that anti-national forces are gaining ground in Tamil Nadu. The anti-national forces have infiltrated into Tamil Media and many social media channels and have been openly expressing views against the Nation and the late General. While the TN Government kept silence and did not act against any of these anti-social elements, it chose to arrest Maridhas, who is well known patriot and nationalist, who selflessly worked against the corrupt and anti-Hindu forces. Shockingly, the TN Police registered sedition case against a hardcore nationalist and patriot, who considers nation first, and who devotes his whole time selflessly for cleansing politics in Tamil Nadu. TN Police have to bow their head in shame for this illegal action. TN BJP President Annamalai has already strongly condemned the arbitrary action of TN Police.

DMK’s continuing tirade against Hindu religious sentiments

DMK is openly against Hindu majority religion and follows the principles of EV Ramasamy’s “No God” theory (obviously only referring to Hindu Gods). When the party was in power previously, it installed EV Ramasamy’s statue in front of temples and schools with the caption “Those who believe God are fools”. Imagine doing this in front of any other religion’s worship places? It’s parent organisation Dravidar Kazhagam (DK) spearheads the campaign against Hindu religion. More recently, the DMK government has been eying on temple’s wealth and was trying to rob this to spend for ‘public causes’. All temples in Tamil Nadu are under the control of ‘Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Department (HRCED)’ under Government of Tamil Nadu. Several temples have bee razed to the grounds in Tamil Nadu, with the excuse that they were on public grounds and causing problems. Tamil Nadu’s temples are one of the wealthiest in India, but many of the temples properties have been ‘rented’ to vested elements for throwaway prices, and many of them even did not pay even these meagre rent for many years. Maridhas has been exposing the corruption in HRCED.

Image courtesy Republic TV.

TN Gov’t abuse of power to suppress free speach.

Ever since DMK came to power, it was systematically targeting the political opponents and foisting cases against them – many fabricated. It has used ‘Goondas Act’ to keep those who are against them for many months. BJP’s Kalyanaraman was arrested earlier under ‘Goondas Act’ and later released as per High Court’s corders, but arrested again under the Act with new cases, and he is in jail. Another independent journalist Kishore K Swamy was arrested for speaking against DMK government and Goondas Act has been invoked to keep him in jail. DMK Government was looking for an opportunity to book Maridhas, and his latest tweet against anti-national elements gave the government to ‘act’. Strangely the very same parties – DMK, Congress, and Communists – when not in power, raised their voice in full strength for ‘free speech’, but now give least regard to the same when coming to power.

Maridhas’s Arrest and Arnab Goswami’s arrest – Many parallels.

Maridhas is a fearless independent journalist and teacher. In his Youtube channel MaridhasAnswers, he exposes the corruption and wrongdoings of DMK Govt with clear irrefutable evidences and statistics. True to a college Lecturer style, Maridhas presents the facts very clearly and exposes the DMK Government. In many ways, arrest of Maridhas by DMK government in Tamil Nadu is similar to the arrest of Arnab Goswami by Maharashtra Government. It is crystal clear that the cases have been fabricated to suppress the voice against corruption. Arnab could not get justice in Maharashtra’s courts, so he had to knock the doors of Supreme Court. The nation fought together and eminent lawyer Harish Salve argued his case in Supreme Court and finally the Court ordered his release stating that ‘Law should not be used to selectively harass people’. The very same thing is happening in Tamil Nadu. Law is weaponised to selectively harass people.

Can the Higher Courts or Central Government come to the rescue of common citizen?

Can the Courts suo-moto take this case and provide justice to a honest citizen? Above all, why the central government looks so weak, and do not do enough to contain the rogue state governments? In West Bengal, many BJP workers have been slaughtered after the elections. Republic TV staff was harassed for many months in Maharashtra, and Arnab was put in prison with fabricated cases. In Tamil Nadu many BJP workers have been massacred and independent journalists booked in fabricated cases under ‘Goonda Act’. When the State Government acts like a tyranny, is it unreasonable for poor ordinary citizens to look for justice from highest courts and central government?

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