Monday, November 28, 2022



Before Maridhas there was Kishore K Swamy

The elite media screams intolerance when the proletariat (dubbed ‘Hindutva mob’) voices opposition to flagrantly false and inherently xenophobic statements by ‘unbiased’ media/celebrities or uber rich influencers whine about feeling unsafe/attacked. The same crowd is completely mum when a mob with sticks and weapons forces a business to bring down an innocuous, lighthearted video featuring the hereditary upper caste INC heir, or indeed, when a different kind of mob gets on the streets to riot and call for beheading based on facebook posts.

Maridhas – Young Nationalist, targeted by corrupt, anti-Hindu forces in Tamil Nadu

While the TN Government kept silence and did not act against any of these anti-social elements, it chose to arrest Maridhas, who is well known patriot and nationalist, who selflessly worked against the corrupt and anti-Hindu forces.

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