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Why should the Hindu culture raise a voice now

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It’s 2021. Last year, amidst the hustle of digitalization of most of the working-class and other sectors due to COVID-19, we resorted to all sorts of different and unprecedented measures in a fight for survival. The lockdown made life miserable. No mental health education and emotional support, no fitness regimes, no skill or personality development measures, inadequate sanitation and hygiene protocols, unemployment, distanced living conditions, economic and financial unawareness, etc are the very few of a plethora of issues that the common man faced. Few of them even got a lot of attention and awareness, but it acted only as a spark that sadly could not catch fire. And here’s where the 4000-year-old culture Hinduism, comes in.

This is my take on it. Here’s how things start falling into place. People start creating awareness about the Hindu culture, how it promotes and helps in leading a near-perfect, peaceful life. I say near-perfect because there are an awful lot of things that have gone missing, credit to the foreign invaders. The same starts trending worldwide. Mental health education, stamina, and fitness regimes are being promoted using Yoga and meditation. Home-cooked, delicious, and healthy recipes/diets are dug up and shared all over social media.

Personality and skill development are found to be an integral part of ancient scriptures of Hinduism. Hygiene and sanitation are mentioned in many shlokas of the Bhagavad Gita as a most important virtue. And all of the above with scientific proof. The tremendous wisdom and knowledge is helping people realize the importance and pride of being a Hindu. Its effect is so enchanting that they start to search inwards for the answers to the questions they thought were outside. They start valuing time management and the necessity to be satisfied and peaceful as opposed to rich and powerful. Things start looking brighter. And hence, the cycle regains composure and restarts.

Now, this is again a spark, an opportunity. But unlike the previous one, this has over a billion people awakening to follow it. It has the potential to change the basest of mentalities. Of course, change is the only thing permanent. Sudden changes are temporary, they tend to change quickly, but the gradual ones stay a long time. Let us use this opportunity to ignite the fire in young minds to create, learn, and propagate the worth of our Hindu culture. There are other innumerable factors that have undermined and indirectly suppressed it. We have to teach them how to embrace its wonders. It is our responsibility. Let’s do it.

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