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mental health

Mental Health- as significant as physical health

So, we should take an oath that from next time onwards, whenever we will feel low, unmotivated or depressed, we will talk about it and seek help.

The importance of mental health in the COVID-19 pandemic

People in our country can admit that mental health is not as discussed as it should be. The fear of not being able to achieve something due to problems that aren’t physical, like a cold, essentially means those problems do not exist.

Social media and celebrity worship

The following article describes the effects of celebrity worship on our lives, its aspects related to mental health and the positive and negative impacts on our perceptions.

Why should the Hindu culture raise a voice now

There are other innumerable factors that have undermined and indirectly suppressed it. We have to teach them how to embrace its wonders. It is our responsibility. Let's do it.

Vedic literature and Bhagavad Gita: Connecting the world through Indian way

The Vedic literature and Bhagavad Gita assure us on the path of wisdom inculcating human values, growing materially and spiritually in all dimensions of life, nurturing environment.

Doomscrolling, languishing and survivor’s guilt: The three sabers of doom of a nation’s mental well-being

This article discusses doomscrolling, languishing and survivor’s guilt in relation with the current events. These terms have recently gained a lot of traction. Amidst this struggle for survival, we are neglecting our mental health, which can have long- term consequences.

The digital disconnect

Have you lost the tendency of mindful reading with deep concentration? Do you feel difficulty in staying focused and your mind tempt to switch frequently for something else to do? Lets see why undue digitalisation is skating on the thin ice?

We all are product of our history

History is not the past. It is the present. We carry history with us. We are our history. In other words: You’re a product of your environment.

Spirituality and students

Spirituality in students plays a great role in facilitating the development of students' positive qualities.

Impact of COVID-19 on our daily lives

COVID-19 may physically be affecting those having this virus, but its affecting everyone's mental health slowly!

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