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Mental Health- as significant as physical health

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Archana Pathak
Archana Pathak
Just trying to sculpt my thoughts by penning them down.

We talk about physical health on a daily basis, but we just forget the mental health when it comes to total well being of an individual.

Most of the people think that the mental health and its wellness is just a myth and there is nothing like that in real life. It’s not the problem of just one person, it is the universal problem and most importantly, when it comes to countries like India, where even after so much of development, the awareness and knowledge about mental health is lacking among the citizens. We should try on an individual level to raise the knowledge about this issue, starting from within our family, our friends, our colleagues.

This will surely help us to decrease the number of suicides, as about 8,00,000 people die due to suicide every year and a lot more of patient gets admitted to mental asylums.

When we search online about “The solutions of depression” there comes a dozen of points to get rid of your depression, like, doing regular exercise or yoga, getting enough sleep, eating healthy food, meditation, visiting a psychiatrist etc, but before doing all this, the main thing is to identify that either a person is suffering from any mental health disease or not. For this to happen, proper awareness about the problem should be there and one should be able to discuss it with his/her close ones.

So, we should take an oath that from next time onwards, whenever we will feel low, unmotivated or depressed, we will talk about it and seek help. We will not ignore it, as our mind is the governing body of our organ system and we don’t want it to get damaged or face any difficulty.

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Archana Pathak
Archana Pathak
Just trying to sculpt my thoughts by penning them down.
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