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Impact of COVID-19 on our daily lives

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In a short time span, this deadly virus has spread across the world like a wild fire. The entire world community has come under the strangle-hold of this unknown, invisible monster. There is no country which isn’t impacted by this virus. Number of affected people world over is more than 14 million and the death rate is fast approaching 5 percent of the total.

Little more than six months ago, China gave birth to this Bhasmasura named COVID-19. Some even called this “China virus” or “Wuhan virus” in the beginning. Opinion of the scientists, including Luc Antoine Montagnier, the French virologist who’d won the 2008 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, in this matter is that this virus was manufactured in a lab by Chinese government with ulterior motive of using it as a bioweapon on enemy countries.

Every field and section of human community is severely affected by the impact of this virus. Many of the other corona viruses we’ve witnessed in the recent past, have been specific to a particular geographical or certain climatic conditions. But this corona virus, COVID-19, is all pervasive and seems impervious to any of climatic changes or conditions. Due to this unforeseen and quite frankly, unprecedented viral outbreak, the global economy has all but come to a grinding halt. No activity in the Industrial sector. Small and medium-scale businesses haven’t been able to cope with the losses. Real estate grounded. Manufacturing units have become mute. This pandemic has even brought chaos in health sector, because of the continuous rise in number of cases and a general lack of common-sense.

We Indians don’t observe any formality in human relations. ‘Athithi devo bhava’ is the common mentality that’s seen in the general public. But after this virus outbreak, everything has changed. A kind of skepticism has set in. A lot of infected people are asymptomatic. Anybody who comes to your house or meets you on the road may be a carrier of virus. So, everybody is scared of everybody. A sense of fear, particularly of the unknown and the invisible, has become the norm. Mass-media has played a major role in creating this, with their regular programs feeding the frenzy by constantly showing chaos.

No social contact is possible in this atmosphere. You fear everybody including your own family members. Social gathering has become thing of the past. Children, who can’t quite comprehend the seriousness of the situation, are confused and agitated by these new restrictions. When you go out for purchasing of essentials you try to avoid accidental body contact. Work places have been empty. Everybody inthe family crammed in to house all the 24 hours. This has lead to psychological impact resulting in frustration, anger, mental pressure and other stress related symptoms.

Particularly, with children, this has been a wild change. Kids, who were used to just mucking around without a care in the world are now expected to follow the same rules as the adults. Wow, what a mess. It seems that we are living in an era where untouchability has become the way of life. Mask is another cause of irritation. You can’t communicate properly when you wear a mask. But since the point of wearing a mask is to avoid infecting others while talking or communicating otherwise, it’s essential. Anyhow, with everybody wearing a mask, it reminds of Hanumanji. They had natural mask and we are now adopting it. Often times, when you go out for purchasing, half-way through you realize that you’ve forgotten the mask. You curse the government, and you rush back home.

Maintaining social distance is one more embarrassment. Unknowingly we break this practice. Sometimes people take you for being oversensitive. When PM Modi started Swachh Bharath Abhiyan many ridiculed his idea. They said it not the PM’s job to do this drama. Now the nature has compelled everyone to follow his call for cleanliness. The obvious joke here is that TUBE LIGHTS are late in lighting up, and some Sodium vapor lamps are still clueless.

People working from home indefinitely, school and college students attending online classes. People are even dismissing maids out of fear. Everybody is stuck in their house, waiting, hoping. Naturally mobiles, TV, computers, laptops, iPhones and all other electronic gadgets are always ON. This has further created a divide amongst the various generations in families.

Usually, when people get bored of office work or the home atmosphere, they plan for a vacation. But with virus spreading everywhere, where do you go? It is a self-imposed house arrest. It gets so annoying you rage out without any reason with anybody who comes across. YOU ARE FREE, BUT YOU ARE NOT FREE.

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