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Bomb of allegations in Maharashtra: An unending saga

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It seems that the allegations and counter allegations have become a daily dose for some of the politicians, in non another in Maharashtra. It’s 2021 and we are seeing another big clash between the MVA and the BJP.

It’s been more than a month since the Cruise Drug Bust Case but the press conference- counter press conference isn’t getting a break. It has become a daily schedule probably like some of TV soap operas, that we see the press conference of Mr. Nawab Malik who is a Cabinet Minister in Aghadi Sarkar who daily addresses and is unrelenting in his allegations against NCB and the central government thus landing them into another state-center tussle.

However, this is not a first time that we have seen them clashing, since last year and early this year we have seen the Centre and State were in loggerheads with each other.

The Saga of Allegations: Where did it began from? Round 1: Nawab Malik V/S Sameer Wankhede and Family

This all began just after the NCB arrested Aryan Khan and several other cases under sections of NDPS act in Cruise Drug Bust case, after a long battle he and 2 others got bail from Bombay High Court on 28th October 2021.

Even as he was in jail, Nawab Malik raised questions on the probe and raised various allegations against Sameer Wankhede while accusing him of extortion. He put some pictures of him and his sister on social media. Wankhede retorted strongly and denied the allegations.

Malik raised questions on the witnesses and there was a huge twist in the case when Prabhakar Sail who was the witness in the Cruise case who leveled extortion allegations against NCB. As of now, there is a vigilance probe by NCB to look into matter though while Aryan’s bail application was in Bombay High Court, his legal team denied any allegation of extortion and said they have nothing to do with politics into the case.

However the matter got more personal because when the cabinet minister Nawab Malik made birth-certificate of Sameer Wankhede public and through a tweet took a dig at him and his family while also making the details and photos of his 1st wedding public. With things getting this murkier, the Wankhede Family has hit back and has filed defamation case against Nawab Malik which is in the High Court.

Round 2: Nawab Malik V/S Fadnavis and BJP: It gets Political:

In Nawab Malik’s series of press conference, even as his relentless allegations continued he found a new target and this time it was a political one: Former CM Devendra Fadnavis and his wife Amruta Fadnavis. He released some photos on social media claiming that the former CM and his wife had linked to some alleged drug peddler Jaydeep Rana.

Later the Former CM too retorted and said that he will expose him and his links with the underworld. He said that there will be ‘Post Diwali Bomb’ Amruta Fadnavis has too sent a legal notice to Nawab Malik for his allegations against her.

Post Diwali Bomb Vs Hydrogen Bomb Vs Nuclear bomb:

As promised the Former CM Devendra Fadnavis did a press conference and leveled serious allegations against Nawab Malik and put forth some documents. He alleged that NCP minister had struck a property deal with 1993 Mumbai Blast convict Shah Wali Khan and Mohd. Salim Ishaq Patel who is considered to be the aide of Haseena Parkar.

Addressing the media at the BJP headquarters in Mumbai, Fadnavis disclosed:

“A prime property of 2.80 acres at LBS Marg in Kurla was brought by Solidus Investment Private Limited for a meager Rs 30 lakh. The signatory of the deal transacted was Faraz Malik, son of Nawab Malik.”

Nawab Malik held a high post in the company but had resigned before taking charge of the ministerial post in the state government in 2019. Malik’s wife, Mehjbeen Nawab Malik, and son, Aamir Malik, are the directors of the company.

Nawab Malik retorted to Fadnavis by calming a counter expose on him, he claimed that he will drop hydrogen bomb against Fadnavis and next day he claimed that the former CM shielded criminals and have links with underworld and also named Hyder Azam and Haji Arafat and leveled allegations against them too, Hyder Azam said that he will drop ‘Nuclear Bomb’ against Malik.

In this series of ‘BOMB OF ALLEGATIONS’, only thing which has been going on is the press conference and seems unending. Allegations like property deals with those who were involved in 1993 blasts need to be probed, and this should be investigated. This shouldn’t be a mere spectacle for the media.

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Interested in politics, Law and love to write Opinions on issue
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