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Why NCB Should Question Shah Rukh Khan & Gauri

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It’s ample clear that Shah Rukh and Gauri have failed miserably as parents but the question which still remains unanswered is whether they were aware about the deeds of their son. In all likelihood the answer should be YES because such illegal activities cannot be carried out in isolation for a longer period of time, reason being the after affects of consumption of drugs are too evident to remain unnoticed by parents also it requires huge money to harness such evil addiction.

In the past also Shah Rukh and Gauri have openly expressed their desire and consent on national channel that they want their son to consume drugs. It’s very unfortunate that no one condemned it that time.So far Shah Rukh and Gauri have chosen to remain mysteriously silent, they have neither expressed remorse nor given any statement for obvious reasons as the same may go against them in court or public life.

Hypocrites like Javed Akhtar are openly defending bollywood celebrities involved in consumption of drugs and trying to trivialise the menace by citing irrelevant indicents.

Bollywood actors have huge fan following and ignorant people copy them blindly so these actors are expected to be more responsible not only ON screen but also OFF screen.Glamourization of drugs should be stopped immediately at any cost ON screen as well as OFF screen. NCB should also update us as to what is the status of investigation against other bollywood celebrities like Deepika Padukone.

Important lesson for branding and advertising companies is that they should choose their brand ambassadors wisely. I believe a social worker or a common man for that matter can do wonders as a brand ambassador. BYJU’S unpausing of Shah Rukh Khan’s ads is unfortunate.

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