Saturday, April 13, 2024
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Why NCB Should Question Shah Rukh Khan & Gauri

In the past also Shah Rukh and Gauri have openly expressed their desire and consent on national channel that they want their son to consume drugs.

Why Haryana desperately needs Yogi

Why BJP couldn't muster clear majority in Haryana and faced humiliation for trying to garner support from Gopal Kanda? The main reason was ML Khattar who is known for his arrogance and irresponsible statements.

Why I want Wikipedia to refund my donation

For Delhi riots wikipedia squarely blames Hindus while kingpin "Tahir Hussain" is a Muslim while on the contrary for Bangalore riots they don't want to name the religion of the rioters, while the religion of rioters is very much evident, therefore, I neither want to give shape, purpose and momentum to such communal and arrogant organisation nor I want them to fit in my life until and unless they mend their ways hence I want my money back.

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