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Kashmiri Pandit – An injured unarmed soldier of India

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Kashmiri Pandit, Engineer, A proud Indian Hindu....

An innocent small girl child was forced to live her entire ‘one and only’ life without her own parent, just because someone under the guise of inherent privilege, indoctrinated righteous duty, gang-raped her mother (Girija Kumari Tiku 11.6.1990) later placed on a mechanical saw, chopped into two halves or someone under the disguise of jingoism, sectarian duty kidnapped her father (Hriday Nath Bhat 10.9.1990) and straightway slaughtered brutally.

Grateful to our human senses, whose continual self-surrounding ignorance under the influence of lust, supremacy, self-centered attitude, constrain the dopamine begging neurons, to halt its move towards true self-realization, compassion, humanity and force itself to think beyond the barrier of morality by hallucinating a fool’s paradise which definitely mold the course of our own action, which also decides the destiny of other’s existence too.

Born as a Kashmiri Pandit, a refugee within its own country, labelled as a coward, weak who fled from its own motherland. Physical harassment, unaccounted sexual abuses during migration, and psychological exploitation of our distressed Kashmiri people were common even after migration. Because of an insignificant small population of our community, our distress call was (has been) always pushed aside by the majority of the power center. At least to appreciate (& acknowledge ) the pro active awareness role played by various media houses like Zee Media, op-India by bringing out the pain and agony of kashmiri pandits in front of the whole world.

My Motherland, Kashmir (named after Sage Kashyapa) once flourished by Kashmiri Pandits faced seven barbarous exodus ( 1389-1413, 1506-1585, 1585-1753, 1755, 1931, 1947, 1990 ) and innumerous account of mass rapes, religious conversion, ruthless inhuman killings (one must read about the rule of a tyrant sultan Sikandar but-shikan 1389-1413) of Kashmiri Pandits.

An infamous axiom claims, a time when only five houses of Pandits survived in Kashmir but these brave Pandits stood up again and again, revived themselves, only to face a final brutal destruction, struck upon them with a haunting cold-blooded migration in 1990 when hundreds of systematic rapes, murders, threats forced lakhs of peaceful (who always believe in the teachings of Lord Rama, Guru Nanak Dev ji, Bhagwan Buddha), law-abiding nationalist Kashmiri Pandits (Indian Hindus) out of their own beloved land.

Even after an unforgiving exodus, Many unreported deaths due to lack of Acclimatization (as Kashmir falls under the temperate zone ), untreated diseases, snake bites, distress trauma, all went in vain. Since 1990, all these departing souls, naturalized within the soil, have gone far from this world with a last unfulfilled wish of returning back to their own homeland, Kashmir.

Who says, Heaven is free of misery & affliction,
Even God failed to understand what he gained with its creation.
Whose curse Jhelum recalling in vain, 
Forced to witness decaying daughters and sons beneath with pain. 
(Those Pandits who were killed and thrown into Jhelum),
Entrapped with no way out, how unfortunate I am now..
Desperate eyes with helpless staring,
Loved ones suffering with no one caring.
(Pandits were left alone to their fate)
How pained she is now, blazing guns snatching her sleep now.
But how could sleep overpower her now,
When helpless eyes watching,
Own blood, olive green sons dying….
(Salute to the brave sacrifice of Indian Security Forces).
Who gained with this game, only i gain,
Full of pain……”

Of course, human emotions tend to sprout fiercely only when its own beloved ones suffer rather rarely for any other being but when traits like maturity and empathy, sincerity and sensitivity get within a public leader like our beloved PM Shri Narendra Modiji, Lt. Gov. Shri Manoj Sinha ji, irrespective of their limitation of time and resources, such responsible power holders always tends to instill a humanistic universal compassion towards every subject under them irrespective of their religion, caste or even population percentage.

Even though it seems a bit far sighted for us, there is still hope and expectation from our current National Government of India led by Shri Narendra Modi ji, Lt. Governor of J&K, other responsible bureaucrats, to act in every possible way to bring justice to every Kashmiri Pandit, who chose and will always choose India, Hinduism, over everything else.

We hope a time will come when a dignified reverse migration back to our own Kashmir becomes a reality even for that generation who still find their birthplace in Kashmir.

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Kashmiri Pandit, Engineer, A proud Indian Hindu....
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