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“Dismantling global Hindutva”: The ‘gang’ and their agenda

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It is funny to note that since 2014, the year Modi led BJP has come to power in India, dozens of followers of foreign faiths like Islam, Communism and Christianity, from their air-conditioned rooms across the world, have ganged up for destabilizing India, to be precise ‘Hindu India’. As per UNESCO, out of 46 ancient civilizations, only Hinduism is alive and rest had been destroyed.   

The gang is highly comfortable with about 150 Islamic terrorist organizations across the world. It is happy with North Korea’s civil rights violation or persecution of Uyghur Muslims in China. It looks divinely through 10/40 window. But it very strangely develops painful posterior when faced with Hindu India with BJP in power. The gang does not find any problem with dozens of Muslim or Christian countries in the world, but fanatically opposes Hindu identity of only one country called India.  

The gang has announced organization of a three day online conference entitled “Dismantling Global Hindutva” during 10 to 12 September 2021. Though the proposed conference has claimed to be co-sponsored by 40 plus Universities/Departments of Western world, the name of the organizer is not known. The names of the speakers indicate that it is a well established anarchic gang engaged in breaking India and destroying Hinduism.

Utter frustration of this anarchic gang is visible and palpable, as the gang members are trying to uproot global presence of RSS. The gang considers RSS synonymous with Hindutva. But is not the gang fighting a phantom enemy? Where is the global presence of RSS and Hindutva? How many terrorist attacks across the world have been committed by RSS and that too for imposition of Hindutva? The gang is clueless to answer these two simple questions.

The gang shows a classic example of ‘RSS-phobia’ and ‘Hindu-phobia’. Hinduism is inherently accommodative and secular. But this gang is stressing these unique attributes of Hinduism too far. There is no need to be scared of Hindutva. Stop political Islam, shut down 10/40 window and make Commies humans. Hindutva will look like a blooming flower before the eyes of the gang members.

If this explanation does not work, a plane load of members of this anarchic gang can be transported to Taliban controlled Kabul or Uyghur concentration camp in China or to North Korea. Auqat Pata Lag Jayega.

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