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Conundrums of opposition – Myriad allegations, derisory evidence

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The excruciating pandemonium in parliament vis a vis the spurious allegations on a report published by an innate anti Modi full-time propaganda and part time news portal along with myriad other known anti India news portals has wasted 133 crores of taxpayers money and 89 possible productive hours of working from both the houses hitherto. But what is more harrowing is the similarity in the pattern of allegations that have surfaced against the present dispensation.

The present dispensation was re-elected with a staggering mandate in 2019. The government took epoch-making decisions like the abrogation of article 370 within an year of its formation. However opposition’s unrelenting attempts to impede PM Modi’s efforts to transmogrify India were bolstered. There is a systematic pattern in all the egregious aspersions of opposition. All the allegations that have surfaced hitherto were never substantiated with credible evidence, were weaved along with lies and were based on misinformation and baked stories.

A spurious allegation of corruption was manoeuvred by the opposition alleging corruption in the much needed aircraft by IAF, the Rafael, to augment its fleet. Many opposition parties echoed this denigration myriad times but eventually had to apologise in the Supreme court as no evidence was put forward to second the allegation in court of law. The people’s court too rejected these allegations as PM Modi got even bigger mandate.

The CAB was passed in most transparent manner in the august house of Rajya Sabha on 11th December,2019 and it became an act on 12th December when president gave his assent. Misinformation and fear mongering reached its peak and a series of unfortunate events took place including the Delhi riots. There is not an iota of correlation between those under consideration in CAA and Indian citizens and yet the top leadership in opposition echoed lies to further unrest in India. Two years have passed and not a single Indian citizen has faced any issue whatsoever because of CAA, let alone the CAA snatching someone’s citizenship, as was the misinformed fear of many.

The Farmers’ Produce Trade and Commerce (Promotion and Facilitation) Bill, 2020, Farmers (Empowerment and Protection) Agreement of Price Assurance, Farm Services Bill, 2020, and the Essential Commodities (Amendment) Bill, 2020 met the same fate as that of CAA. The factory of protest engineering manoeuvred fresh protests against these bills which emancipated farmers from the clutches of middlemen.

An extremely vile but illusionary outcome of a bill is engineered and stakeholders are compelled to believe these imagined outcomes. Prejudices and misinformation prevails over facts and information. The protest ensued the excruciating pandemonium at Red fort on Republic day when the constitution and lex loci of this land was held hostage under the garb of protest.

The recent Pegasus allegation is just another link of the never ending lies of opposition aimed at impeding government’s efforts to bring substantial change in the life of millions from the marginalised sections of society through manifold bills. Once again the sanctum sanctorum of Indian democracy was stalled and the democratic functioning was sabotaged.

The opposition must also provide credible and substantial evidence to second their myriad allegations. Unless the same is being done, all the allegations must be perceived as vile and malicious aspersions. The opposition must also realise that they are not the only custodian of people’s voice in parliament and that the ruling party too reflects the voice and will of the people, perhaps an inch more than them!

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