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Aryan invasion theory: Fact or fake?

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Aryan Invasion Theory is totally false, it never happened. Still people are happy believing an article of a foreign journalist preaching how advanced and genetically evolved Aryans were and how they helped the Indian civilization. I would like to present you with some proofs which show that this theory was made to project the Europeans as racially superior.

The stark lack of similarities in the gene pools of the Indian subcontinent and Europe, vividly evident in the mtDNA and the MHC complex, destroys any Aryan invasion notions, and confirms the genetic uniformity of people of the Indian subcontinent. This explained that the tissue antigens of the Indians from the North and South were completely distinct from those of the Europeans.

The M17 genetic marker is common in India and in adjacent regions, but becomes increasingly rare as we move westward into Europe. This, combined with the fact that Indian carriers of M17 are genetically more diverse than European carriers shows that the Indian population is older than the European and further suggests east to west movement. 

Historical documentation and later traditions testify that Indo-Aryans are indigenous to Saptasindhu [land of seven rivers in Northern India] which shows that Indo- aryans have been in Saptsindhu since 4th millennium. Archeoastronomy places the great Bharata war at 3067, a Brahmana text c 3000 – 2900 and the Vedanga Jyotish c 1800.


In the Rig Veda (and later Indic texts) there is no hint of any invading Aryans coming into the Sarasvati or Saptasindhu, the area of the seven rivers in North India and Pakistan. The Vedic texts further refer to people being exiled or driven away from the area of northern India, such as in the Aitareya Brahmana (8.33.6 or 8.18) which tells of how the sage Vishvamitra exiled his 50 disobedient sons so that, in later periods most of those people called the Dasyus are known as the descendants of Vishvamitra. Therefore, the Rig Veda provides no reference for an Aryan entry or displacement of the natives, but points out how Aryans and Dasyus went westward from the area of Northern India. This helped pave the way for understanding the seals.

Pashupati Seal

In the deciphering of the Indus script, it was found that there are close connections between the structure of the Indus script and the rules of grammar and phonetics described in such primary works on Vedic Sanskrit as the Rik Pratishakhya of Shaunaka, and the Nighantu by Yaska. They indeed were a part of it, and their seals represented a form of the Vedic language. Many of the words on the seals can be traced back to the Nighantu. This would also indicate that a largely indigenous civilization must have been flourishing a thousand years before what became the development of Dynastic Egypt and Mesopotamia. 

The only reason that has kept this defective and deformed doctrine alive is the personal and political interests that had an agenda to fulfill for their own purposes. There have been those, as there still are, who have a purpose in demeaning and belittling the Vedic tradition. 

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