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Fake Propaganda

Aryan invasion theory: Fact or fake?

The stark lack of similarities in the gene pools of the Indian subcontinent and Europe, vividly evident in the mtDNA and the MHC complex, destroys any Aryan invasion notions, and confirms the genetic uniformity of people of the Indian subcontinent.

Analysis of propaganda and disinformation against Hinduism in India

Propaganda and disinformation have become a part of the modern world. Every day we wake up to see thousands of fake news, social media posts, and videos related to propaganda. Religious or political affiliation is an indicator of the majority of the propaganda.

कोरोना और liberals का रोना

ऐसे काफी लोग है जो सरकार को उल्टा सीधा कह रहे है और सरकार दुआरा उठाये गये कदमो का विरोध कर रहे हैं, इस वायरस का जो फेलाव हो रहा है उसका जिम्मेदार सरकार को मान रहे है।

The anatomy of student protests

Now people talk more about campus slogans, than about the inability of Rahul Gandhi to counter PM Modi on any front. Over the past few years, Media created Hardik Patel, Kanhaiyya, Umar Khalid and many more, reminding us of Rakhtabeej.

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