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Population control laws: Need of the hour

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As we move towards the modern era with 2022 striking us soon, its time for Indians to consider the growing population of India, despite the fact that our mother earth can support such huge population still, it becomes illogical for India to sustain and use its resources effectively if it keeps on growing its population which can be it own nightmare. Earth Population is projected to reach 11 billion by 2100. If considered in the current scenario, excluding anymore harm to humanity via war, diesease or biological warfare.

India currently has a population of 129 crores approx if we assume error it should be close to 135 crores approx. Interestingly the population of India isn’t equal according to the landmass which it should have, for example – the population of US or Russia is small compared to the landmass under their administration which already leaves us with very limited amount of resources unlike US or Russia. such situation surely put pressure on the indian civilization if it isn’t dealt.

Population is in fact directly related to the Indian economy or any economy of any country. The population demography if studied can find easily that the most educated families are limited to 1-2 children each family. however un-educated, poor and people with illogical religious believes are the ones who are producing 3-8 kids which they cannot support which further put stress on the government funds to feed the starving families and countless amount of subsidies have to be given while the educated middle class suffers indirectly to markup such expenses in taxes. which results in funds being wasted on feeding instead of making infrastructure developments, expanding networks, building modern healthcare or education facilities.

The global hunger index of India has been brutal due to negligence, which needs to be lifted currently it stands at 92 which is awful for a country like India which has been a land of agriculture however the situations are better than before previously it ranked 102, within a year it seriously jumped to 92 and we assume with the right government in power it will further get under 50 soon.

However the families who aren’t able to support their 3-8 kids now also depend on govt subsidies for education which burns enough of tax money to rip pockets of the tax payers even more, which is also one of the results India has highest taxes in the world. which further leads to scanty investments under FDI in India & also boost acts of money laundering. i

Idia has been growing its depth while depleting it resources and putting stress on the middle class, business owners etc which isn’t stable or good for a better economy. Even in overall prospect its also stressful for the families with more kids to support, educated & run huge family. Which further results into poor education and poor education results into poor skill which also results in surplus man power in odd jobs which isn’t necessary and such youth remain unemployed due lack of skills which only leaves them with the hope of govt jobs which isn’t much either way.

It might be absurd to hear but few fellows in India are just growing population on the words of illogical religious beliefs and also under political agenda which needs to be hammered at all costs to avoid changes in indian demographics which posses threat greater than terrorism and might repeat situation of khilafat movement, political imbalance or exodus.

The matter of population must be taken seriously, since it decides the future of the nation & one must ignore stupid politicians who give religious angles to satisfy their votebanks who themselves are living in misery or under poverty.

The solution for deciding population or number of kids a family can have must be decided on the fact of earning, source of income, assets etc which will further decided the quality life of a kid that will be delivered to he/she when born. There also should be a maximum number of kids a family can own. which also maintains the demographics of the region to counter the illogical religious belives & evil political strategy to gain political power & to hammer foreign agendas of organizations. Also such idea will also strike out the factors where governments have to spend on tremendous subsidies where middle class suffers & such revenue can be used on nation building projects. overpopulating with more kids not only degrades life of an overall family but serverly hampers the affordability of the family in all aspects.

Hence, we hope the government of India will be considering it as a priority to push the bills as soon as possible for better quality life of the citizens of India while saving funds and directing them towards proper and modern healthcare, education facilities & world class transportation systems.

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