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How DMK is anti Hindu: The silence of rest of India is empowering DMK

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Listed below are some of the countless anti Hindu rants by DMK leaders. Not a single DMK leader will ever dream to make similar comments on other religions. Neither other party leaders from rest of India will go scot-free if they make such comments on Hinduism or Hindu gods.

1. Karunanidhi said there is no evidence for existence for Lord Rama and mockingly asked which engineering college did Rama studied? He has never commented anything like, which wakeboard Jesus used to walk on water or where is the flying horse on which Prophet Muhammad flew? Instead he went ahead and banned the screening of Da Vinci Code movie in Tamilnadu.

2. Kanimozhi said Lord Balaji could not protect his own Hundi . No such criticisms on other religions from her so far.

3. A.Raja says Hindu scriptures has unscientific claims. He picked and chose one metaphor which says, one asura rolled the earth as a mat. And claimed Hindu scriptures say “earth is flat”, but in reality all the hindu scriptures say earth is round. Bible/ Quran also has many such “unscientific claims” according to current science like Flat earth, Virign mary, Mohammed on a flying horse, cutting the moon to half, existence of hell heaven and there are several other such claims.
In the same video, A.Raja justifies not wishing Hindus for the festivals, though DMK leaders wish christians and muslims on their festivals. He says Hindus claims of Naragasuran birth, Vishnu appearing as Varaha is unscientific and therefore it is against rationalist thought, therefore DK/DMK not wishes. And so does he means Virgin Mary giving birth to Jesus is scientific or rational? Or Muhammed riding on a flying horse or cutting the moon into half is rational?

4. Stalin mocked at hindu system of marriage practices and also the meaning of mantras using some cooked up meaning

5. DMK welcomed Sabarimala judgement sighting women freedom but opposed abolishing triple talaq. Though the actual issue was not discrimination against women, but hindu temples have multiple types of systems in different temples. Though all age women are allowed in all Ayappa temples, for sabarimala it was the case of celibate Ayappa, so women of fertile age are not allowed.

6. DMK made a furore over saffron clothes for thirivalluvar, but Karunanidhi himself wrote a foreword for a book, “is thiruvalluvar a Christian?” by deivanayagam.Thirukural has references to hindu gods like Indra, Vishnu, Yama, Lakshmi. but DMK says he should not be “hinduized” but can be Christianized.

7. Muslims stopped a temple festival that is happening for decades around 2012 in perambalur, Tamilnadu. Recently Madras High Court gave a judgment that it is unconstitutional and intolerant to stop the festival. This was brushed under the carpet. Imagine if the religions were reversed, it will be blown 24/7, DMK leaders will be giving victorious statements like “democracy won, secularism won” .

8. Just because DMK won a few elections doesn’t absolve their anti Hinduness. DMK works on divide the majority, unite the minority, use the language weakness. They absolve their anti hinduness, using language sentiment, divide the majority using anti brahmin sentiment… But they are all funded by chrisitan and Islamic organizations to support their cause like supporting conversion, break hindu culture, hindu community using caste divide, etc.

Lack of National Outrage on DMK:

There are many many such insult of Hindu gods by DK, DMK leaders and their followers. Still it is not getting coverage / outrage across the country. There are several occasions in rest of India, where politicians, actors, other famous people have to backtrack, apologize on insult of hindu religion, hindu gods, simply because of outrage on Twitter and facebook. Yet DMK’s insults goes without much raise of eyebrows in rest of India. As in the case of north east, where many important news go unnoticed, or they are given a step motherly treatment at least till the time Modi government came to power, it applies to TN with regards to its politics being discussed nationally. Akhilesh Yadav, Mayawati, Shiv Sena, Lalu prasad, etc or politics of UP, Rajasthan, UP, Bihar, Maharashtra is being discussed as national issues. Yet, blatant anti Hindu voices, actions being ignored by national BJP leaders, prominent right wing twitter. The hypocrisy of politicians of Congress and other state parties North/central India , Bollywood, liberals in rest of India gets easily noticed and becomes a national shame. DMK escapes despite being a huge hypocrite.

For example, Muslims in Perambalur district of TN in 2012, stopped a car festival of a hindu temple as soon as their population increased on a certain area and protested the festival should not enter the streets were they are in majority. Hindus filed a case and Madras HC gave an excellent judgement in favor of Hindus in May 2021. But neither TN BJP nor the national BJP made it as a main discussion. TN media, which is under strong control of DMK, have actively discussed every lynching case or Triple talaq or CAA, or any issue happening in any part of the country especially UP, to tarnish the Hindu identity of Yogi Adityanath and thereby BJP to tamil voters. TN media, DMK and DMK’s coalition parties have scored a major success in turning even highly educated TN people against BJP. The main goal of DMK and media working under BJP is to create a distaste for BJP among tamil voters. They excelled under the nose of BJP. Yet, this communal issue happened in TN, 99% of the TN population will not be aware of such an issue.

In another case, one atheist Muslim was killed by Islamists, but this was never condemned even by words by DMK+ leaders. For that matter, DK, the non political parent party of DMK (much similar to RSS for BJP) is an atheistic party. Even they did not condemn, even though the victim is a Muslim himself. Any such Muslim victim by a Hindu mob, they go and personally meet and compensate with money. In this case they did not even though the victim is a Muslim, because the perpetrators are Muslims themselves. This was not a major news at all despite the issue happening in TN. But for cases in UP, Rajasthan, Bihar, etc they have all spoken for Muslim victims. Such total imbalance of reporting and outrage for Hindu victims and Muslim victims is also one of the reasons for TN Hindus living in denial and not allowing BJP to grow.

Reasons why no national condemnation over DMK:

  1. Language barrier. Most tamils are not fluent in Hindi. And 99% of north Indians don’t know Tamil. They don’t even know the difference between Chennai and Tamilnadu.
  2. Usually news from North East or South doesn’t get that much popularity in the national narrative.
  3. Lack of understanding of Tamil politics among north / central indian RW twitter.


  1. There has been a steady increase of RW Tamils in twitter over the past 5 years. It is important they start writing more on Opindia, Swarajya and pro rightwing media outlets.
  2. TN news, politics needs special attention from RW media and RW Twitter
  3. Learn the history of TN politics. It is essential to know DMK strategies to make an effective counter. Else, they can easily derail your approach using “Hindi imposition”, “brahmin imposition”, et. They can even throw better stats on development issues. TN is one of the top performing states on many parameters. We will discuss that on other day. Therefore care must be taken while cornering DMK.
  4. TN RW twitter and rest of India Twitter need to connect more breaking the language barriers. Almost every TN RW twitter has a decent knowledge over rest of India politics. They can speak on Akhilesh, Mamta, Shiv Sena, etc. Same cannot be said about BJP IT cell, RW twitter. They hardly nibble the grass on TN politics.

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