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A camera sees what the photographer shows

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There has been quite an uproar with the passing of a left wing award winning photo-journalist awarded by a left wing jury. The man was killed by the believers of his faith but more questions have been asked from people of the native faith in India. The left wing loves to feed on an opportunity of victimhood they couldn’t let this slide away.

An Indian journalist Rohit Sardana passed away sometime back and the left wing celebrated his death. No one expects better from them. The journalist worked his way through the left intelligentsia who had hijacked the media back in the days of INC’s rule. Now the journalist worked for a network that produces news for both the left and right wing in English and Hindi – intelligent network. The journalist questioned the ways of Wahhabi Islam that would later take the life of his counterpart Danish. But the left wing is too blind to see this in their hate for the believers of a different faith other than Islam.

Now as Karma has a significant place in the faith of the land, it comes back either to reward you or haunt you. And it happened. Danish was killed by the same people he significantly vouched for. A major story that he did was on the Rohingya influx in the Indian land. Not every one knows that the Rohingyas militia had killed Hindu Rohingyas in the name of jihad. And they walked in India to seek refuge. Surprisingly there is a BBC story about it. Danish or the likes of him never cared to show that story. They work for Islamification of the world. A trait implanted in their minds when they are young – very young.

You reap what you sow. Since you disrespected a journalist that worked for his people without the victimhood cry. Since you made a mockery of his death. Since you celebrated his death. Don’t sulk when it comes back to you. Remember, Rohit told you – if you choose to live by the sword you would be butchered by it. As it happened with Danish. Since we have always shown sympathy and mercy to our killers – we would say – Om Shanti.

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