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The oldest trick in the Left’s playbook!

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Twitter recently tagged the #CongressToolkit aimed at cornering the Modi government on mismanagement of the 2nd Wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in India as ‘Manipulated Media’. Interestingly, this development comes after the ‘fact check’ done by an independent body (LOL) called Alt News co founded by Prateek Sinha et al.

One of the most peculiar things about the ‘Left Liberal Political Ecosystem (hereafter mentioned as LeLis)’ is the fact that this entity is not bound by national or regional borders. Leftists of India relate to those in the West in the smoothest ways possible, thanks to the shared ideologies like Socialism, Human Rights, Islamophobia, to name a few. But how does this group gets so much traction, when in reality, it does the exact opposite of pretty much everything that it preaches? Answer is a simple trick – ‘Blame your sins on your Opponent!’

Here are a few evidences that accurately depicts this behaviour of the LeLis:

  1. Capitalising on the funds of a Not-for-Profit Organisation – USA – Black Lives Matter aka BLM: Last year, the death of Mr Floyd triggered one of the largest anti-racism movements of recent times. While the movement was portrayed as to be something revolutionary, it turned out to be a Sham! Patrisse Cullors, one of the co-founders, is now enjoying life in a secluded mini-compound tucked into L.A.’s rustic and semi-remote Topanga Canyon, a primarily ‘White Neighbourhood’. Where did the money come from? You can do the Maths!
  2. Doing Racism while accusing others of being Racist – USA – George Floyd Memorial Square: George Floyd Square was once a monument to the man whose death sparked national anti-racism and anti-police brutality movement but is now a “volatile” area controlled by militant leftists, according to the New York Post. Ironically enough, the site meant for remembrance of the fact that Racism must end has come up with a set of extremely Racist rules for White people who wish to visit the site.
  3. Selling Socialism while accusing others of Crony Capitalism – USA – AOC’s Socialist Merchandise: This one needs no explanation!
  4. Doing Super Spreader Events amidst Second Wave of the Pandemic and accusing BJP – India – 2021 Assembly Elections: Indian National Congress Party’s prince charming, HH Rahul Gandhi, tweeted amidst the WB polls that he’ll abstain from doing any political rallies in the state of WB, where BJP had an actual chance of winning. This move came after the voting was completed in the Southern States where the INC still has a sizeable presence. Interestingly enough, the very next day, INC’s WB chief, Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury, conducted a huge rally in WB. Also, as the COVID-19 situation worsened in India, HH Mamata Banerjee’s AITC stealthily stopped putting up pictures of its election campaigns on Social Media while addressing crowds of tens of thousands of people while simultaneously shaming BJP’s leaders for campaigning instead of taking care of the COVID-19 situation. The fact which has to be kept in mind is that BJP had actually cancelled the rallies of Mr Prime Minister as he took stock of the rising COVID-19 cases. Also, the fact that actual super spreaders like Farmers’ Agitation and ‘Sar tan se juda’ rallies were nowhere to be seen on media portals, tells you a lot about the morality of those who accuse others of being ‘Godi Media’! All of this was, obviously, political propaganda aimed at putting BJP in a bad light. This is evident from the fact that all the newspapers showing pictures of crematoriums and burning pyres till 2nd May were suddenly, on 3rd May, covering how Khela Hobe won over Vikas Hobe and Democracy won over Dictatorship! Speaking of dictatorship, the retributory post-poll violence is on an all-time high in WB and Didi is leaving no stone unturned for remastering Kashmir, 1991 while the unbiased 4th pillar of democracy is back at covering the misery of saffron-clad states due to COVID-19 while the actual, scientifically proven epicentres of the Pandemic continue to be blessed by Penguins and IITians.
  5. And finally, using ‘IT Cell’ for scoring brownie points while crying 24*7 for the atrocious SM Conduct of BJP IT Cell – If you’re on Twitter, whether you support BJP or any other party, hardly any day will pass when you’ll not hear something about the ‘non-existent’ BJP IT Cell. The art of building narrative by buying out the actual Legacy Media Houses while labelling the whole media community supporting the Right as ‘Godi Media’ by fallaciously extrapolating the views of 3 or 4 TV News Channels is the only thing that opposition has done successfully post 2014. However, the success has been so humongous that the whole opposition successfully created a fairly impactful #Toolkit that showed to the world as if every single one of us 1.45 Billion Indians is gasping for Oxygen. International Media Houses, primarily those based in the US, who’ll even whitewash the crimes of Laden and Hitler if paid sufficiently, hopped on the bandwagon of selling misery porn while completely ignoring the Mental Health implications it had on the already scared masses. Will they be ever held accountable for this ‘Crime Against Humanity!’ YT creator Dhruv Rathee, back door agent of the Aam Aadmi Party, went berserk to hold the Modi government responsible for every single death in the country and took the responsibility of treating COVID-19 on his shoulders.
  6. [Update: Mucormycosis, a disease caused by rampant OTC use of Steroid medications on recommendations of some knowledgeable folks of the left, has been declared as an epidemic in the country. Dhruv Rathee is nowhere to be seen]. So when are we finally going to rename Black Fungus as Dhruvomycosis? This is the least we can do to show our appreciation for his community service!
  7. The role of SM like Twitter et cetera has been quite questionable as well. The clear left-leaning ideations of Big Tech, combined with an absence of actually fair alternatives, will pose a major threat to Modi’s chances of repeating the 2014 and 2019 heroics. The permanent suspension of Mr Donald Trump gave us a glimpse into the future of ‘Freedom of Expression’ when it is subject to affiliations of these SM companies. Additional Information: The aforementioned video by Mr Rathee is still up on YT while a video uploaded by the Channel Prachyam showing atrocities experienced by Hindus over the past has been taken down for reasons best known to HH Ms Susan Wojcicki.

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