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My life, my choice, my India

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Abhishek Mishra
Abhishek Mishra
Strategic analyst and political commentator with two decades of experience in Security & Investigations industry currently leading a multinational at S Asia

Modern Medical fraternity treats me as a Consumer. As a consumer it is my choice whether I use Homeopathy or Allopathy or Ayurveda. IMA puts its logo certifying so many products latest is a wall paint as bacteria free. So many doctors and hospitals have cheated patients in this crisis and at other times as well. I have never seen IMA doing anything on any of such instances. IMA is a gang of doctors which are largely responsible for failing moral standards of medical fraternity of India. In their greed, they continue to run down all other medical science.

By going after Baba Ramdev, IMA is running away from competition that he puts up and many times has beaten IMA in their own game of commercialization of world’s most nobel profession. IMA has never stood for protecting consumer rights viz is people like us. Many doctors are without scruples and have mislead country so many times including selling fluoride based toothpastes. Never ever , IMA has highlighted the side effects of products it endorses. IMA has lot of questions to answer than ask.

The fraud on I the India begins from Indian medical schools. Our system for training doctors is plagued by inadequate infrastructure, rampant fraud and unprofessional teaching practices, exacerbating the public health challenge the country faces. Indian medical entrance has been rigged multiple times and bribes in name of donations is a common practice. In short, next gen doctors are taught to cheat and deceive even before they enter their classrooms. IMA has never taken the correct steps to highlight and ensure necessary steps are taken to create a strong medical system for 1.4 billion population. Post course completion, most doctors are not keen to join public health system at remote areas and villages. Many others who do join report to duty only on paper. Doctors have the privilege of working at government institution as well as running private practice. It is an open secret where their loyalties lie when they do so. Further there are so many of them who work privately as well as in big hospitals with fake degrees and may be are members of the IMA as well. Such doctors can be termed as just better than quakes.

All these happens under the nose of their body IMA. An FIR against IMA officials will spell the beans out and shall help the consumers who should be the only concern of Indian Health Minister. Importantly it will set correct course for establishing medical infrastructure in India. Our health system is in crisis, the sufferer is the patient.

I am India – neither IMA nor Ramdev represents me. As my government , you should think about me and neither IMA nor Baba Ramdev. Baba Ramdev has only raised uncomfortable questions in an uncomfortable way which ideally IMA should use as a basis to self reflect and ask many other relevant questions to itself as a body of doctors.

Baba Ramdev has reignited interest in age old natural treatment philosophy of the country. He is a global ambassador of Yoga and has immensely contributed to spreading the awareness about inner well being. Notably many doctors practice Yoga daily but shy away from recommending it to their patients.

By going after Baba Ramdev , you are denying me right to choose my medication. You cannot do it IMA – It is my life, my choice, my country !!!

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Abhishek Mishra
Abhishek Mishra
Strategic analyst and political commentator with two decades of experience in Security & Investigations industry currently leading a multinational at S Asia
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