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India Shall RISE

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Arun Dash
Arun Dashhttps://idlemusingz.blogspot.in/
Arun works hard to earn his living, hates sycophants, and lives with a strong faith that Mother India will emerge as a super-power someday!

This so-called ‘international’ opinion piece by an outsider Indian is just another sample of how we Indians may be held solely responsible for a downfall of the Rising Bharat in the world.

The conspiracy of the western world to arrest the growth of India is clear in many fronts, and this is one easy way to adopt. Hire a few selfish Indians whose own contributions to Indian growth may be negligible and who are open to the bait of easy money by ranting against their own country that they have ditched long back.

If you read through such pieces, you will find there would be more creativity than facts, more anger against the Indian government and less justification or acknowledgement even for the good work that has been done so far.

Especially when someone like Modi has taken the Indian Lutyens media by the horn and decimated them to their near death, their alliance in the international forum are joining them for taking revenge on Modi. A catastrophe like #Covid that has befallen the world has taken more lives, almost 4 times in US, despite having one of the best health care facilities as they claim.

And even today, when pictures from the Indian cremation grounds, strangely only Hindu rituals, have got space in the front pages of the international newspapers, the #worldmeter data shows the death in India hasn’t surpassed beyond the American numbers, not even one-third of it. You must not forget that these all, despite India having a very diverse population base and poor infrastructure in health facilities especially due to the 70-years long incapability of prior governments that only siphoned off funds for their own parties and families.

Since Modi came to power, almost all indices of development have done better, be it road connectivity, railways, digitalization, direct benefit transfer to common men, and most importantly, doing away with all scams that used to be so common in earlier governments. The media that earlier was a part of the governments in those selfish run have been kept out of the reach of the Modi government. The national awards that used to be bought or being given to incapable people just to appease them for shielding the government from all wrong things have now got to the real deserving people under Modi’s regime.

If you see the recent vaccine diplomacy, you may easily see how India has been quite careful in helping the world in this crisis by exporting effective vaccines to the world. This self-reliant India is something that some developed countries are unable to accept. How India can grow in stature is something that destabilizes the international watchers who scare if India one day rises above them all.

As for the allegations that elections and Kumbha Mela have contributed towards this COVID crisis, it may be partially true. The numbers from the states that hold these events do not establish the allegations yet, the coming days may tell us the truth.

One major issue is that despite health being a state matter and many states being so callous in their approach to tackle this menace, the Center under Modi’s guidance has been trying all means to arrest the death rates. Be it immediate increase in Oxygen production or vaccine production, an active government is working day in and day out to ensure things improve as soon as possible.

But as history is witness to many instances earlier, some coward, selfish and brute individuals can go to any extent to malign their own motherland, these international opinion pieces just serve the same purpose. At a time when they should come forward and join hands to help India deal better with this crisis, they prefer to write pieces to tarnish the good image of India. Let’s remember out worst enemies are those who do not fight with us face to face, rather sit, see and celebrate when our valiant soldiers get hurt in the battlefield.

Despite all these, everything around me now in this holy land of Bharat infuse in me a strong hope that THIS TOO SHALL PASS and India shall rise, rise above the rest! Jai Hind!

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Arun Dash
Arun Dashhttps://idlemusingz.blogspot.in/
Arun works hard to earn his living, hates sycophants, and lives with a strong faith that Mother India will emerge as a super-power someday!
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