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Fight from COVID rather than country

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The second wave of Covid-19 has hit India hard. Fatalities are also on rise with every day spike in cases. Every single day brings tragic news of death of our acquaintances. A lot of people lost their near and dear ones. This phase is quite uncertain.

In this hard phase, health personnel are working day and night to recover more and more patients even with their own lives at stake! And what are they getting in return? Injuries,attacks,brutality. Why? Are they our servants, just because they are serving us!

Months ago, we appreciated their dedication and selfless attitude by clappings and now,we are beating them?
In an recent incident, a 62-year old covid infected woman was admitted at apollo hospital, New Delhi in the early hours of morning. She was admitted in emergency ward as the ICU ward was not vacant. She couldn’t get a bed and died around 8 a.m.

What happened next is awful! The family of the deceased broke over the Doctors and nurses. Junior doctors and nurses were attacked. Infrastructure was destroyed by them. Healthworkers were rescued by the security guards.

This is shameless. They are treating patients at the expense of their own lives and this is how we are paying tribute to them?

Government have provided them after – protection. Insurance is good but preventing such situations from happening should be prioritized.

We have failed as citizens. We have forgotten ethics. We’re breaking over those who are trying hard to save our lives in this pandemic. Many of them have died in the process of saving others. Why are these things so much Ironic in India? The rivers whom we worship are the ones who are extremely polluted…. The Womens whom we consider ‘goddess’, are the ones fell prey to rapes and severe assault…And the DOCTORS whose presence is acknowledged as God’s! Are being blamed for taking the lives of people.

Everything has been associated with divine and still getting harsh treatment. There’s a need to bring change in ourselves first. DOCTORS can be your GODS but not SERVANTS. Anyone who tries to attack them should get rigid punishment in reality , not merely in laws. Government should ensure safety of them and anyone who tries to infringe the law should severely be punished.!

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