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Will Bengal elections change Indian politics forever?

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Quoting Veer Savarkar, “The day Hindus unite Congress will wear thread over their coat.”

During his time he had not seen so many parties, neither were their agenda too Hinduphobic but as years passed minority appeasement became a way to win elections. Prashant Kishor himself accepts that minority appeasement has been a part and parcel of the politics in Bengal be it the TMC, the LEFT or the INC.

Be it INC in the centre or TMC, SP and AAP in their states they have never failed to take Muslim votes on their side. Appeasing is a part of the game and can be accepted but not on the cost of cursing the Hindu Gods. Who will forget TMC leader Saayoni Ghosh’s tweet on Shivratri.

Hindus have been divided on so many backgrounds. Keeping the varna system aside, INC has played lot of politics by dividing Hindus further into segments like the Upper Class v/s the Lower Class, the Shivaites v/s Vaishnavites, the Reserved Lower Castes v/s the Unreserved Lower Castes. By doing this they had managed to keep majority both at the centre and the states. Even the rest of the parties have enjoyed this benefit. Since the Hindus were divided whoever was able to capture the minority vote bank would become the winner of the elections.

Back in 2014 and then again in 2019 the rise of Narendra Modi and the BJP has been worrying all the other parties. The rise of BJP clearly indicates that Hindus are collectively voting for BJP. Even some of the Muslims who have realized that they didn’t actually receive any development even after mass voting for a particular political party have started voting for BJP. BJP’s slogan of “Sabka saath sabka vikas” has attracted many.

Bengal and Kerala have more percentage of Muslims than any other state. Though it’s tough for BJP to defeat the LDF in Kerala they have significant chances in Bengal. The rise of Dilip Ghosh who has been working for these elections since past two years and the wild card entry of Suvendu Adhikari into Saffron Politics will definitely prove to be useful. Not forgetting the contributions from the Tollywood actress Locket Chatterjee and journalist Swapan Dasgupta BJP clearly has a upper hand. Though there are bleak chances for BJP in Muslim majority areas and some areas of urban Bengal where the TMC is clearly appearing victorious, the rural community and the Dalits are clearly in favor of Narendra Modi. Since the Non-Bengalis would massively vote for BJP and the Communists chanting slogans like, “Pehle Ram badme Vaam” the 200 plus target of Amit Shah appears to be achievable. The infiltration of Bangladeshi Muslims, Muslim appeasing TMC politics and the offended Dalits have clearly risen debate over Mamta’s chances of making to the CM office for a third time.

When the Dalits were offended by the present rule, Sujata Mondal Khan’s comments on Dalits have further raised anti-incumbency sentiments against the in power Mamata Government.

Mahua Moitra targetting the people with Choti as Chotiwala Rakshasa clan and accepting her love for the Rohingyas will also prove to be very painful to the TMC on 2nd of May.

We have already seen Rahul Gandhi calling himelf a Janeudhaari Brahmin and Arvind Kejriwal starting to go to temples. Mamta Didi chanting Chandi Paath and openly revealing her Gotra clearly indicates that even they have realized their mistakes. If BJP wins in Bengal single-handedly they would get to know it clearly that it was not the mass voting of the Muslims but the majority Hindus voting for them that brought them to power. They will be compelled to realize that even the Kisaan Andolan and the CAA protests couldn’t end the people’s love for Modi.

According to me, Bengal elections would surely end Hinduphobia from Indian politics or else these parties will dissolve and destroyed never to return back again. Congress is standing in a condition when it has been fractioned many a times, a further division would clearly end the existence of the oldest political party of the country. While the Red corridor has been clearly destroyed if the Congress led UDF wins in Kerala the Left parties will seize to play any sort of domination in Indian politics.

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