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Why communication in English is gaining grounds

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Amrita Mitra Mukherjee
A communication expert with more than 16 years of experience in teaching and mentoring students and handling communication with corporate professionals.

There has been a severe change in the education system since the 90s in India, where the focus has changed from providing holistic education to customizing education to suit the needs of a job. Students are now interested in knowing not just what is happening in the country but also in the world, which is unthinkable without the knowledge of English. Their interests have diversified and they are prone to accepting cultures which are pro-western. It is here that their interests have come to play a major role in shaping up their future and thereby the connection with English as a language has become inevitable for them.

A very slow yet steady move has been noticed in communication in English. Education is the prime ground where the necessity of English communication is felt. Parents are now interested in having their wards get admitted in English medium schools than any other vernacular medium since they have judged the potential of English communication and not just reading and writing the language. Communication would involve emoting and expressing through the language. When a student is uncomfortable with English as a language, he will never have the confidence to face the global audience comfortable with the universal link language, i.e English. Therefore the four components of communication, i.e reading, writing, speaking and listening may be compromised because of a language.

A grasp on the understanding of English as a language will reduce the hesitation propelling to do away with the language. This is widely seen as we notice that diction is now as important as the language itself. People are also trying to copy the accent of the west to show their fluency in the language. There is no doubt that it adds to their confidence. The structure, grammar, spellings have all got loose connections at times but yet they fulfill the need to satisfy the audience, since the message gets communicated in a language that is understood by the most.

Jobs are the ultimate achievement for many. There is no denial that there can be proliferation of opportunities if the language barrier is set right. Beyond the major cities, trapped in regional influences, the suburbs and the villages require a lot of grooming with English communication and the people have started feeling the necessity. The demand has been created but the supply is still far from satisfactory. We can expect that the third decade on the twenty first century would definitely see the rise in English communication, in the post-covid days, from the whole of India.

by Amrita Mitra Mukherjee


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Amrita Mitra Mukherjee
A communication expert with more than 16 years of experience in teaching and mentoring students and handling communication with corporate professionals.

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