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Brahmins- Indian version of Jews

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So what is the most approachable way to defeat a huge army when you don’t have enough men to counter them? Simple answer unroot the core, kill the king and whole army will surrender. That is what Akbar did when he faced Hem Chandra Vikramaditya (Hemu) in the Battle of Tughlaqabad. And we know after that how Mughal rulers expand from there.

Every class can somehow undergo the attack but it’s impossible to withstand if they cut them from their past, their culture.

The one’s who were always the core of our society, always the one leading it from the front are facing huge challenges. But the sad reality is that this Brahmins are not only facing harshness in present times but in ancient times also. Every attacker who raided India{Akhand Bharat at that time} specially targeted the core of our society that is the Brahmins. From Delhi Sultanate to the Mughal empire we can see a large number of examples.

The Great Pushyamitra Shunga with his army going on a war

British Empire were not an inch less in doing this, they came out more evil than their previous invaders. They not only attacked Brahmins but also manipulate the writings and try their level best to portray the Brahmins as the sinister of the society. And we are seeing all the hatred towards Brahmins all because of this manipulation done by different invaders, which they do to rule here.

If we talk about modern times, from being the deprived section of society not even getting the full advantages of reservation to getting falsely labeled under SC/ST act {one recent example is of Vishnu Tiwari Ji who spent their prominent 20 years of life after getting falsely booked for SC/ST act} , there are several examples.

We can see there are huge outrage and protest for the oppression faced by Jews from not only the west but from Asia side also, but a pin drop silence on this, even they have faced this for centuries and centuries long time. Long long Journals are there on Jews Genocide

It’s time to be the voice of the real minority, it’s time to be with the real oppressed one, it’s time to reveal the other  the real side of this case. Either we do this or we will be washed away from our culture our ethnicity in few decades and then there will be no undo option.

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Intrepid Talks
here to reveal the other side

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