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Web 3.0 and end of American century

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The end of America’s century is almost imminent, and it is NOT that some Asian tigers, aka, India/China, etc. are rising economically which will end it. The end will come due to mental demented-ness the cultural wokes in new American generation display, and the mainstreaming of that by their society.

America dominated the world as besides military and economic power, it represented an idea, of freedom, which they proudly and rightly proclaimed as “American Dream”. In that world the hard-working youth could realize its true potential and the society as a whole would ensure the fairness. There were racial fault lines present in their society, and however late in the day, but they were filling those. Obviously, lack of history and culture was a big hindrance for them but overall, it was a country, that represented FREEDOM.

I see two major trends unravelling:

1) America is not that same country which guarantees the freedom any longer. Cancel culture dominates the America and worryingly accepted by their elites. Everyone falls in line and people do not express their counter views without fear, even among friends.

Their youth is now fighting imaginary cultural wars, instead of living an American dream of making it big in the world through sheer hard work. Instead of optimism, their next generation is filled with despair and is angry for no reason. In this new Woke world, there are thousands of genders, Math is racist, men are not men and women are not women, and every other nonsensical view that you can imagine. The world is observing this with astonishments and disdain!! Will they allow the same stupidity to flow into their homes as well, just because a deranged generation in America thinks so? I doubt. And the primary reason is most other culturally dominating countries including Irish or English (85% of US presidents are English/Irish origin), Europe, Middle east, Japan, China, India, all these countries have long history and culture established over long period, with their own social realities. There will be a strong push back, from within these societies to disown this stupidity flowing from US. Worried parents will make sure that American influence is pushed out from their homes, be it in the form of movies, TV, events or culture. Obviously, it is never one way march to victory but net-net, instead of embracing of American dream, there would be a push back to American reality!

  • Web 3.0 is round the corner. Information is going to be truly distributed, and Cloud computing is going to be ubiquitous. No longer it will be Silicon Valley Tech oligarchs who will dominate the Tech world. THIS will end the dominance of American based tech platforms. I see a truly distributed information platforms, no longer controlled by obscure algorithms. Most governments woke up to this stark reality that they saw during American election. The impact of these events is highly discounted at the moment, but you can see, Germans French, Polish, Australian and Indian establishments are openly critical to this Tech platform propagated woke world view and they rightly assess this as a very strong attack on their own countries. The American tech which was welcomed by the world as harbinger of freedom into most democratic countries is now being pushed back as some dark forces trying to disturb their social order. Obviously, this will result into a new normal, of a distributed and more fragmented web (i.e., not everyone would be consuming the same algorithms), which can be called Web 3.0.

THESE trends will be the one that will end the American century, of technology and cultural dominance. Let’s see how it unravels but surely a new world order is coming!!

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