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Modus operandi of bloodthirsty protesters

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Whenever the Union Government attempts to implement reformatory laws in the country, an anti-establishment lobby gets activated and create ruckus in the entire country. The only objective of the bloodthirsty protesters is to destabilise the Government of India. In this article, I have tried to explain their modus operandi.


Initially, politicians stir up controversy in the Parliament when any reformatory bill is deliberated upon and subsequently, foment violence by making baseless allegations against the Central Government and how the newly made law will adversely affect them. They use terms like, “Sadak par utarna hoga”, “Apna haq lena hoga”, “Modi sarkar tanasahi kar rhi”, etc. Once the protesters resort to violence and the security forces take any action against them to prevent the mishap, they’ll push forward the narrative- The right to protest is guaranteed by our constitution, and we will not allow this fascist regime to take away our rights. If the security forces restrain from taking any action against the rampaging protesters, and any accident occurs, they’ll either blame the workers of the ruling party for creating a ruckus or ask the Home Minister to step down from his post.

Media Houses

Among bloodthirsty protesters, some of them are assigned the role of forming human chains, singing the national anthem, helping any injured civilian or police officer, or any action that reflects their kindness and loyalty towards the nation. Subsequently, the fake news peddlers of mainstream media will start disseminating that Godi media will not show you the real side of the story, and say, “Look, how these peaceful protesters are helping out the injured police personnel and civilians. They are trying to save public property by forming a human chain.  Do you think they are anti-nationals? Stop following Whatsapp University and watching television.”


Now, comes the role of fact-checkers. They are burdened with the responsibility of discrediting the reports of mainstream media. Even if the protesters are found creating mayhem, the role of fact-checkers is to give a clean chit to them. They have the supernatural ability to transform stones into wallets.

Syndicate of students, activists, youtubers, actors and singers

Students, activists, youtubers, actors, singers, and personalities from all walks of life who adhere to an anti-establishment ideology will start justifying every single misdeed of the protesters using the reports of those fact-checking websites. They also share the bytes of protesters doing any humanitarian work or singing the national anthem. Believe it or not, these personalities have a huge influence on “uber-cool” youngsters.


Once the FIR is filed against the rioters, high profile lawyers come to rescue those innocent and peaceful protesters without taking a penny. If the Honourable Court also finds them guilty, the whole syndicate starts blaming the Court and holds the Government responsible for taking away the independence of the institutions of our country

All of them are acting in tandem against the government. It’s high time when the Central Government needs to take stringent action against these unscrupulous elements of the country otherwise, it will be impossible for the government to bring in any reformatory laws.

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