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Opposition politics and world’s largest Corona vaccination program

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Nickunj Rathod
Nikkunj Rathhod is / author/ columnist/ Poet. He is an author of one book FAT 2 FIT, published in the year 2020. His hobbies are creative writing and coaching. He likes to write in the self-help genre.

Finally, in India, the world’s largest COVID vaccination program has started. As soon as the vaccination has been started various statements from political party leaders started flowing in media. The statement which made me write this article is from Samajwadi Party leader Akhilesh Yadav’s latest Statement as ‘When will the COVID vaccine reach the poor people?’

Earlier, the statement from the same leader stated that “This is BJP’s Vaccine! I will not get vaccinated by it!” I mean this is ridiculous. Not too behind in the timeline in the year 2020 opposition leaders continuously kept asking the Indian Government about the research and manufacturing of the vaccine. Opposition leaders are still busy misleading the common people of India.

Recently, opposition leader Rahul Gandhi asked Prime Minister Narendra Modiji about vaccination programs quoting, “When is India’s turn Modi Ji?” When finally vaccine made publicly and the world’s largest Vaccination program started then they started misleading people of India that ‘Vaccine is not free!’, ‘Vaccine dose brings Impotence!’ and so on.

A baseless and ridiculous statement came from another Samajwadi Party leader and spokesperson I.P. Singh stated that, ‘COVID vaccine will kill poor!’ This is the lowest standard of politics. How can one make poor people fear before the vaccination? Now, in the latest statement, Akhilesh Yadav is asking the central government, ‘When the poor people will get vaccinated?’ Nothing can be as ridiculous as this. Same party but two contradictory statements within 2 days is well. As the government of India has already given the protocol for vaccination. The protocol says first of all the Corona Vaccine will be given to CORONA warriors (Doctors and Health Workers). Then the turn comes for the old age senior citizens of India then younger age people will get vaccinated.

Despite giving a clear guideline for the vaccination, opposition parties are misleading people by throwing baseless and useless statements in media and social media.

In all this chaos one more question is continuously hammering in my head that India has lost the responsible and strong opposition. India desperately missing constructive opposition. In India, nowadays the opposition’s job is just to opposite government initiatives. Creating problems in front of the government by misleading innocent Indian people. I must say Indian opposition has lost not only its sensitivity but also credibility! India needs an opposition that can debate and be a part of the solution in co-operation with the government.

Jai Hind!

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Nickunj Rathod
Nikkunj Rathhod is / author/ columnist/ Poet. He is an author of one book FAT 2 FIT, published in the year 2020. His hobbies are creative writing and coaching. He likes to write in the self-help genre.

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