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Liar liar, lobbyists caught with their pants on fire, over Netaji’s portrait row

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The so called, social activists, journalist ride on such a high horse of greed, malice and hatred for anything that has remotest connection with Modi or BJP that they forget their station in life (which, to state the truth is not much, barring fake news peddling, getting caught and shamelessly not even deleting the fake news piece), that they have the sheer audacity to not only criticize but question the actions of the First Citizen, The Supreme Commander of all armed forces, the President of India.

These so called fake liberals are so cocksure of themselves and so full of hatred that they have dared to mock the President twice in a week.

Firstly it was regarding the donation toward the construction of Ram Mandir then the unveiling of Portrait of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose in the Rashtrapati Bhavan.

Firstly, the First Citizen who receives ₹500,000 a month, non taxed, cannot, without the assent of the some fake news journalist, donate the same amount for the cause which is of his religion, well, wow, slow claps, remember folks India is a secular country where everyone has the freedom to practice and express one’s religion, according to the constitution, that is everyone except the First Citizen of the country.
No Sir, he has to apply to a journalist whether he can spend a month’s salary to a cause of the faith and religion he follows.

Secondly, the President unveiled the portrait of Netaji on his 125th birth anniversary being celebrated as Parakram Diwas to commemorate the sacrifice and devotion of Netaji for India’s independence.

And how does the ruling party in Netaji’s home state pay him back- by disgracefully leaving the dais and by spreading lies about his portrait being unveiled by the President.

Well, if you don’t know what Netaji looked like, you would obviously say that the portrait is fake, but as the saying in Hindi goes, ‘Jo kehta hai vohi hota hai, now fraud and fake people will term the President fake, when in fact the Portrait by Padmshri Artist Paresh Maity, is based on the photo provided by Netaji’s niece.

So for arguments sake, even if we acknowledge that they fiberals (no it isn’t spelling mistake), really believed it was some actor and not Netaji, who were they actually trying to discredit, The President or The Netaji, remains questionable.

On one hand they cry for equality yet do not miss a chance to ridicule a Dalit President for petty fake reasons, but also are unable to recognize the Real face of Netaji who they lay a claim on, and in process, bitterly revealing their own masquerade of deceit and hate, basically against anything related to Hindus, from Ram Mandir to the Portrait of Netaji, these fake lies peddler are desperately trying to clutch at any vestiges of power, the feeling that they can dictate terms, and if not so much as dictating terms, they can still lobby and party hard on taxpayers funds, which sadly has been put to an abrupt end.

But this hatred knows no abyss as they keep discovering new rock bottoms daily in a bid to discredit the Prime-Minister, the Bjp and everything it stands for, be it Hindus or Ram Mandir. These can only be seen as last minute, feeble attempt to save their skin and win the upcoming West Bengal state elections, where understandably, they might be getting funds from.

As Nation celebrates it’s 72nd Republic day, I hope and pray that may God gift Sadbuddhi to these so called Journalists.
Jai Hind.

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