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Farmer protest and BKU association with Congress

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Bhartiya Kisan Union (BKU) is a Congress front en – and has always been supporting Congress agenda. Congress and Commies have adopted the strategy of harassing Indians by blockades, which are well funded by forces opposed to the progress of the country.

The proof of BKU association with Congress is given at the end of this response. Sample these tweets from Bhartiya Kisan Union official handle –

The news article – Indian farmers call for free markets

The 8 points charter by the Kisan Coordination Committee includes –

  1. liberalization of agriculture,
  2. the end of government intervention in the farm economy,
  3. scrapping of the National Food Security Act,
  4. direct benefit transfers to the poor,
  5. free trade in farm products and
  6. the removal of restrictions of rural land markets.

From the article

These demands deserve attention when the limitations of the recent cycle of higher procurement prices as well as farm loan waivers are evident. Joshi often said that the internal terms of trade discriminated against farmers, who were not allowed to export and had to operate under tight controls in the domestic market.

Indian MSP is already higher than the world price – how can these farmers export when MSP is “made a law”? The farmers have clearly called for “price discovery”, and not for MSP to be made a law.

We don’t want alms, we want the price of our sweat and toil.” Ultimately, his was a cry for their dignity. Realizing his dream would require trusting the farmer to make his choices, but that requires institutional changes that can allow price discovery and free avenues for trade.

Who would have done these foreign direct investments to “integrate our farmers in the global supply chain”? Chinese companies? Facebook, Google, Walmart, Amazon?

He supported foreign direct investment to integrate our farmers in the global supply chain and was fanatically in favour of the latest seeds and farm technology, arguing that these would improve productivity. In contrast to the political class, he didn’t glorify the village life, and wanted farmers to have the freedom to exit. Alas, state land laws prevent the transfer of land to non-farmers, prevent formal land lease arrangements and enforce land ceiling. Finally, he was an optimist about free trade; an early advocate of WTO-led liberalization.

Note the words “pre-purchase agreements”, “contract farming”. Nowhere these people who are fooling and causing loss to the country now, under Congress and Communist instructions are calling for “MSP to be law” – but “price discovery” is the demand.

Futures markets, for example, would allow traders to incorporate information about seed purchase volumes, area under harvest, weather forecast, etc., to predict future shortages or glut and enter into pre-purchase agreements with farmers. Low futures prices will allow farmers to foresee a glut and shift production to substitute crops, preventing the yo-yo-ing of crop prices every alternate year. Contract farming and land lease laws will similarly allow farmers to share the risks associated with farming, and allow them access to cheaper credit and farm inputs.

Who is going to make the investments? Adani Ambani are purposefully targeted to destroy the investment environment in India so that you and your children would suffer.

The stock-holding limits preclude investments in the supply-chain as the food processing and retail companies need stocks in order to shield themselves from price shocks. Moreover, stock-holding allows a smooth supply of produce, reducing price volatility.

Look at some other tweets –

Note the words- “freedom of trade”, “future trading”, and clearly mentioning the Congress manifesto to promote Congress in 2018 election among farmers.

Rahul Gandhi has been promoted on various platforms. This case is related to Mandsaur, where BJP had won the election in 2018 elections – Lok Sabha as well as the state elections.

Now they are calling for “APMC to be reformed” and make MSP the law!

Bhupinder Singh has been supporting Amarinder Singh and Congress since 2012.

Now the government is openly asking them to list the issues in the ordinances so that the government can rectify them, but they are insisting on removing it. Why? Because Congress would not be able to get brownie points.

A quick summary of the three laws for your reference –

  1. Farmer’s Produce Trade and Commerce (Promotion and Facilitation) Act, 2020 – This act allows farmers to trade outside the Mandis if they want. It prohibits the State Government to levy any tax on “farmers’ produce”, so farmers do not have to pay any tax. If the farmers want to sell it in Mandis instead – they are free to do so. The State Government can remove the “levy” or “taxes” in the Mandis – why charge the farmers?
  2. Farmers (Empowerment and Protection) Agreement of Price Assurance and Farm Services Act, 2020 – This act allows farmers to engage in “contract farming” if they want. For example, if Tata Sampann or ITC Aashirvaad, or Big Basket want to engage in a contract with farmers – to purchase it directly, what is the problem. This is not the first time – many farmers are doing it and benefiting from it.
  3. Essential Commodities (Amendment) Act, 2020 – This is got nothing to do with farmers but with end consumers. It seeks to restrict the powers of the government with respect to the production, supply, and distribution of some commodities – pulses, onions, potatoes, edible oils. This does not impact farmers, and there is no point in discussing it.

These laws a good start, and long-standing demand of the “actual”, “non-politically” affiliated farmers in the country. The government is clearly asking for issues so that they can amend and make these laws – pro farmers.

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