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Is this a right time to reclaim Bharatavarsh being Atmanirbhar on the occasion of Sri Rajiv Dixit’s birth anniversary?

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The real hero of Hindustan who became the revolutionary for Swadeshi movement of independent Bharat. The fearless hero who did the strong determination to fight against Black Britishers who were ruling at that time. The fearless hero who dedicated his entire life to create social awareness about corruption across country, the fearless hero who gave a tight slap to slave British education system by bringing bright light on the face of Indians to see the glory of Gurukul Sanatanam education system. The fearless hero who strongly condemned the false allegation of feminism and liberalism  preachers who used to blame our country in comparison with west, by uttering rich history of Bharat-women prominent Bharat. The fearless hero who exposed the antinational works of famous Bollywood celebrities and cricketers with facts and evidence, The fearless hero who promoted the Indic Ayurveda treatment (Swadeshi Chikitsa) and also gave so much advice about healthy life. The fearless hero who demonstrated the model to bring back the black money to bharath, The fearless hero who exposed the reality of foreign companies which are looting our money. Yes, He is non-other than Dr. Rajiv Dixit Bhai.

Indeed if we look at the journey of Rajiv Dixit ji, we come to know that it was a great journey rather than a long. He was doctorate and scientist at the CSIR (council of science and research). Being in a high profile job, he could have enjoyed his life very well in any rich countries but he sacrificed his life to bring awareness among the people against loot of multinational companies, antinational works of Bbollywood celebrities and cricketers, corruptions (especially in politics), benefits of Swadeshi products and Ayurveda. He initiated the ‘Azadi Bachao Andolan’ (save freedom movement) in the early 1990s to protect Bharat companies at a time when foreign invading companies were increasing and oppressing our nation companies.

He served as the national secretary of Bharat Swabhiman Andolan which has led by Baba Ramdev. He collected more than 50000 documents of our freedom fight from the library of London, British house of commons and Indian parliament. He exposed the lies of British favoring speeches from Nehru to Manmohan Singh who claimed that Britishers improved our country, They did hard work for the betterment of poor people. He used to challenge that British favoring agenda by asking unanswerable questions like if Bharat is a poor country, why those Islamists, Portuguese, Britishers and other invaders have come to loot here? He gave the evidences against Britishers with the British documents only. He proved that the main reason for poverty in our country was the loot of first white Britishers and then the continuation of the loot by black Britishers. 

He was totally against corruption in politics and wanted to fight against each corrupt political leader. He explained in his speeches how value of Indian rupee devalued when in 1947 it was ₹1=1$ and ₹1=1 Britain pound, We can verify this on google. Since 1998 he knew about the black money in Swiss bank and he had a mission to bring back these black money as a national property to Bharat. In regard to give strong fact for the corruption, he explained how rich our country’s geographical features are for agriculture than any other countries, how rich our heritage to be proud to live a worthful life, how rich our environment is to live healthy and do works efficiently. Even though we are having all capabilities, poverty and unemployment are increasing due to corruption. Now, the present PM Modiji is fulfilling majority of his election manifesto thus bringing the hope to get the black money out soon.

He also exposed the real faces of Bollywood celebrities and cricketers that how they are misleading the countrymen by advertising the foreign company products that too of smoking and drinking products (especially for the promotion of IPL matches). The Bollywood is attacking our sacred culture by making vulgar songs and scenes in their films. He was very furious about these people who put the black mark in the sacred land of worshiping women. He also used to tell how our culture taught us to respect women, the higher level position of women unlike in west countries which consider women as lustful thing. He also exposed the reality of European intellectuals Plato and Aristotle who gave teachings like women have no soul, she should go out together with man (of any age), she can’t go alone. In one of his speech, he felt very sad about cricket. Because, during the tough time of Kargil war in the country, majority youths of Bharat were very busy in watching cricket worldcup match without having concern about country’s security. Only after the lose of Bharat in  worldcup, they all started to thinking about Kargil war.

He totally disagreed with slavery like British education system. He exposed the agenda of Christians in establishing British school education system and how they had destroyed the Gurukul Sanatan education. After the practice of 70 years of British education, a considerable improvement is happening in bringing back the great Sanatanam education system under the leadership of PM Modiji. The new National Education Policy encourages the use of mother tongue as we have seen in it’s explanation.

If Rajiv Dixitji was alive today, he would be happy about the present state of our country in the world. Bharat got a visionary leader who is working day and night to reclaim the glorious Bharat that is what Rajiv Dixitji was fighting for. Modiji also determined ‘Atmanirbhar Bharath’ as a goal of all Indians. So this is a right time to reclaim Bharathavarsh being Atmanirbhar on the occasion of Sri Rajiv dixit’s birth anniversary and also death anniversary.

Rajiv dixit ji is not alive today. But his ideals, thoughts and deeds will never die. It will take lives in many forms. All speeches and books of him are available. We can learn more about his vision through those speeches and books. After coming to know about this great patriot nationalist, the real question arises is what if we’re really following his swadeshi ideal? What if we really becoming true Indian in wearing swadeshi clothes, in using swadeshi medicine, in using swadeshi vehicles, in using swadeshi toothpaste-brush-soap, in using swadeshi electronic devices. We can’t ignore this daily products as the swadeshi movement starts from using small small swadeshi products. If the answer to the above questions is no, We should be sorry for ignoring this great ideal. Is this a great reward given to this great soul? The left out works of Rajiv Dixit ji has again started with the Modiji’s determination of Atmanirbhar Bharat. We all should stand firm and unite in this determination. Unite, rise and win.

~Sinchana M K- Engineering student; Sodari niveditha prathishthana volunteer; ABVP volunteer

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