Friday, June 14, 2024
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Sinchana M K

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Is this a right time to reclaim Bharatavarsh being Atmanirbhar on the occasion of Sri Rajiv Dixit’s birth anniversary?

If Rajiv Dixitji was alive today, he would be happy about the present state of our country in the world. Bharat got a visionary leader who is working day and night to reclaim the glorious Bharat that is what Rajiv Dixitji was fighting for.

What happens if we don’t celebrate Deepavali with crackers?

To hide his failure in managing air pollution, Felhi CM Arvind Kejriwal is putting full ban on fire crackers since from so many years. That is the most easiest thing all the governments can do to show case themselves as big environmentalists.

Is this a high time to make a strict law to stop fake cases emerging with the misuse of power?

Maharashtra government has to made a big policemen and officers' team including encounter specialists to arrest one journalist. This will tell clearly how much fear they have about Arnab Goswami and his supporters of this country.

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