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What happens if we don’t celebrate Deepavali with crackers?

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Why should we celebrate festivals in our life, what happens if we don’t celebrate our festivals? Festivals are the celebrations of our life which will bring more happiness, more excitement, more spirituality and above all more responsibility of protecting our culture, our dharma there by protecting human society. Yes, festivals of Sanatan Hindu traditions are not only meant to wear new clothes, have sweets and fun. These are very sacred heritage among all rituals. We have a lot of cultural significant rituals to perform. The rituals are different for different festivals but, the goal of all rituals are same. That is the welfare of society by protecting our dharma.

Coming to deepavali festival, we all are seeing how the government’s high drama is going since from recent weeks. Even common businessman will be knowing what circumstances should be look into before taking major decision? But the great NGT (national green tribunal) imposed a ban on firecrackers to 23 state and union Territories where the air quality was not satisfactory from midnight of November 9 to midnight of November 30. They issued a ban when Deepawali festival is very near, Did they think what will happen to Crackers business while imposing ban? Why didn’t they ban in manufacturing stage only? Have they waited for deepawali time to see the lost of Crackers business there by stopping that business? What is this agenda? So far ,a total of 13 states have imposed a ban on firecrackers. In some states, green crackers can burst. In some others, crackers can be burst for 2 hours duration in night (during 8pm to 10pm). Only Madhyapradesh CM has not imposed any ban or restriction to burst crackers. In some states, the complete ban on crackers has been done.

The CM who always stood up first to show case himself as a big protector of environment is none other than Arvind Kejriwal. We all know about air quality of Delhi. To hide his failure in managing air pollution, he is putting full ban on fire crackers since from so many years. That is the most easiest thing all the governments can do to show case themselves as big environmentalists. Our governments are very wise enough to hide their irresponsibility in managing environment pollution and to put blame on Hindu’s festival very easily.

Due to the late decision of government to ban on firecrackers led the manufacturers, investors and small businesses men life in difficult situation. So many news are coming about arresting of sellers of firecrackers in disrespectful manner. Isn’t it this the big problem for governments? The only big problem they have now is environment pollution due to deepavali, they don’t know about remaining days pollution.

The celebrities, cricketers and so called liberals who all giving too much lecturings to Hindus on how to celebrate their festival (which will be for 2-3 days) don’t even think about environment protection in remaining 360 more days. They can enjoy the bursting of crackers on their birthdays, new year, IPL matches celebration. Also, they can enjoy private plane jets, hi-fi a.c cars, hi-fi a.c home 24/7, quality drinking water to wash their luxurious vehicles….and yes the list is endless. But we should not question about their 24/7 environment pollution. But during deepawali festival, they will come forward in a race to give lecturings to stop burst crackers.

We are not against environmental protection. Off course, we are the first to come forward on grounds to protect environment. But why should always we only sacrifice? It will be okay if they also said this to other religious festivals too, where more pollution is occurring than deepawali and if the governments restrict them also in their festivals regarding environment concerns. Why too much teachings on only deepavali crackers free , why not on Christmas trees beheading free and bakrid animal cruelty free? Can’t they tolerate Hindus having fun for few days? What should children do in futre to keep themselves enthusiastic, joyful and colorful in life if every traditions are preventing one after the other, Is any meaningfulness remain in future life? Enough is enough, No more tolerance for the misuse of gentleness, kindness and innocence of Hindus in the name of fake secularism.

We the Hindus don’t want any dumb liberal’s lecturings on how to celebrate our festival. We will celebrate our festivals with full of joy, enthusiasm, positiveness, strength and devotion according to our tradition. We will not leave out our cultural significance in our festivals. Therefore, we will celebrate deepavali with both bright lights and loud crackers. If the deaf-fake liberals are to be hear, the sound has to be more.

-Sinchana M K
Engineering student
Sodari niveditha prathishthana and ABVP volunteer

bright and loud Deepavali

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