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Is this a high time to make a strict law to stop fake cases emerging with the misuse of power?

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The whole nation seen today how the editor-in-chief of no.1 Indian national news network Republic and more over the nationalist journalist has been arrested in a disrespectful manner, how the Maharashtra government treated Arnab as if he were a criminal by making use of Mumbai police and officers. The policemen physically assaulted the most honest journalist of our country.

Maharashtra government has to made a big policemen and officers’ team including encounter specialists to arrest one journalist. This will tell clearly how much fear they have about Arnab Goswami and his supporters of this country. They intentionally took him in crime branch van to project him as a criminal.

They wanted to expose Arnab by using so many fake cases, But by doing these acts they themselves have exposed in front of country that how fearful they are about Arnab ji. They have beaten his son and didn’t allow him to meet his family members. What sort of emergency is this?

While the mumbai police can give a clean chit to SSR case victims and bollywood drug case victims, why they have treated Arnab ji the one who always stood for the country in this disrespectful manner. Is that political power becomes more superior above country for them? Is that the fear of coming truth of recent injusticed cases( pulghar case, SSR case, bollywood drug case and TRP case) by the republic investigation made them to do this antinaional act? Or Is that the foolish thinking of shutting up people’s mouth against government by doing this anticonstitutional act?

If you can’t tolerate the words against your government and if you can’t deliver justice, how can you give the good administration to the people of maharashtra? If CMs of all states started doing this, what will be the consequence? Have you ever thought about it? Why you people are forming government and appointing policemen, If you can’t do your duty of serving people without selfishness?

Assume for a while, If honorable PM have done like this. But he will not do these kinds of works which are not in the favor of country for his personal sake. So, the people who don’t even giving respect as a prime minister of our country also for their political issues are free now also and living happily without any fear. Arnab goswami who always fight for our country is in need of our support. So now we should fight for this great fearless patriot. So, this is a high time to make strict law to stop fake cases emerging with the misuse of power.

~Sinchana M KEngineering student @NIE college mysoreSodari niveditha prathishthana volunteer ABVP volunteer

twitter account: Awaken Hindusthani (@kgowda_m)

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