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Court directs FIR on Twitter India and CEO Jack Dorsey

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Bangalore Police have registered an FIR on Twitter India Officials including Jack Dorsey this is with regards to a blasphemes posts on twitter insulting Hindu god’s and goddess. PCR was filed by a social activist and a resident of Bengaluru Mr. Kiran Aradhya at the additional magistrate court now that court has instructed KR Puram Police station to register an FIR they have done so.

In his complaint, Kiran Aradhya alleged that a person in Vancouver identified as Armin Navabi puts up blasphemous posts on Ma Kali, Rama, Jesus and Prophet Muhammad to disturb the communal harmony across, he also alleged that twitter has a social media giant is hand in gloves with such anti-social elements. Armin through his twitter handle @atheistrepublic spreads hate between communities and he also makes money through patrons.

On seeing such posts, City-based activist along with his @Myindiamovement group reported the post to twitter however twitter found no problem with the post initially, it took 40 days for them to deactivate the account and remove the derogatory post from twitter but it was back up and running the very next day.

Not tolerating all this Kiran Aradhya with the help of his group @Myindiamovement moved to courts to seek legal help on such platforms which allows derogatory posts mocking our gods and goddess.

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