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BJP and the need for the saffron party to win GHMC

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Ever wondered, why a party with just two seats in 1984 got a thumping majority in 2014 and even a greater victory in 2019? And that too a party that has kept Hindu cause in mind from its inception? A country which has been ruled for more than 800 years by Islamic invaders, 200 years by British and 70 years by the people of the colonial mindset gave a mandate to BJP which was unprecedented. 303 seats for BJP alone was not a joke and all the predictions of the so-called Political Pundits failed.

The psephologists had to recheck their degrees and the stereotypical election game changed forever. From the smallest election to the national elections, top leaders jumped in and we are seeing this now, in GHMC election. Now many, are making fun of this, that just to fight Owaisi brothers and the KCR, BJP had to put their full force in this election, but how many of us have realized the depth of this move by BJP? The demography of Hyderabad (Bhagyanagar) has always been dominated by Islamic culture and this is not now but from the times of invasion. It was the last geographical territory that got united with Bharat. The Nizam was not ready to merge and he deployed the Razakars to fight the government, but to fight this tyranical ruler, The iron man of Bharat, Sardar Patel made a move and thus got the Nizam to surrender.

But this surrender, didn’t change the demography much. The razakars later became the rulers of this and thus the anti- Hindu stance prevailed. The MIM party led by Assaduddin Owaisi was founded by Nawab Mahmood Nawaz Khan who once supported the idea of Pakistan, and even today the Owaisi brothers under the beautiful name of democracy and saving constitution are speaking the same language and they are spreading their tentacles one by one, very slowly in different parts of the country. Also, the Owaisi brothers have cleared their stance on CAA and NRC and have been helping the illegal Rohingya Muslims enter into our nation and that’s again because of the vote bank politics.

Now speaking of the Mayors of Hyderabad, from 1986 to 2002 the AIMIM had a clear dominance on this seat, this streak was broken by Telugu Desam Party and later again gained the prominence, in 2016 Bonthu Rammohan of TRS became the mayor of Hyderabad and because of this, the Rao Family run TRS has the heart of Telangana in their hand. 

Why is it necessary for BJP to win this election?

First things first, the demographic shift that will happen when BJP comes in power in Hyderabad will be tectonic, the MIM will lose their bastion and the spread of this Islamic virus by this party will get eradicated to from its core,at least for now! Second thing, the Hindus (51.3%) of Hyderabad will have a Political power and thus the demands will change from Islam centric to being Hindu centric which is good for Bharat’s demography overall and third thing, winning GHMC election,will be a gateway for BJP in the south and there is a heavy need for a party like BJP to get established in the south as we are seeing that Islam and Christianity is spreading with excessive speed as the days pas. Once,the dynastic party TRS and a core ISLAMIC party AIMIM loses the GHMC elections, there will be surely a surge of development. 

Why is BJP using its star players in a small election like GHMC?

Now, answer to this question is fairly answered in the above paragraphs, but again the face value of Yogi and Tejasvi Surya is far more than any leader in the country right now after Modiji and Amit Shah! Jagat Prakash Nadda’s decisive moves towards the growth of the BJP are turning out to be good as we have seen in the Bihar elections. The fiery speeches by Yogiji and Tejasvi are turning the tides of this election and it will be a great change for the Bhagywanagar if BJP comes in Power. Concluding the article I must say one thing, The BJP and its approach towards every election has changed the electoral game forever and Congress,once a party with clear dominance on every seat at every election,has been reduced to a third option party because of the reason well know! 

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