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What is the base of my thought process?politics

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I am watching her dance and figuring out everything else.

We all read articles. They are motivated towards a root cause. We can not identify that root cause as a normal reader. Even I have a cause and I will never mention it here. You are going to read this essay and your thought process will include my opinions in some corner of your brain. But it is possible that you keep yourself objective when you have to make a choice and you don’t let the things feed inside you interfere with your choice. But remember, your choice, what ever be, will also have some root cause deep inside. That root cause is same for everyone. Expressions of that root cause take different shapes and it is the expression which gets affected by what is fed inside you and you cant do anything with that until and unless you renounce your power of making choices.

The one who writes an article should question himself, what is basis of his assumptions? Books? peopl?  or some far fetched idea which he wants to hide behind the network of complex and useless words? Or he is confused? Or he just wants to remain in his comfort zone which he achieved by devoting his time in earning some degree and learning some languages? And when that comfort zone gets challenged, he presumes many facts and presents his whole analysis of the situation on the basis of those presumptions. he never tries to explain how those presumptions are true. He just presumes that reader is either stupid or reader also presumes same thing or reader cant see the fine and subtle  presumptions being made and conclusion been drawn on them. these writers are well versed in their subjects which have been developed over time by theoretical understanding of people. the practical and ground work been done is not fully incorporated objectively in order to either create a new theory itself or fit into the existing ones. If the practicality had some role in knowledge gaining and dissemination , we would never have seen such violence.

The violence happens. Don’t count heads. You hurt 1000 ants but killed 1 lion. both are equal in sense that both are lives. But the purpose of earth and universe at large is far beyond this petty understanding. Until we teach everyone about that, its futile to expect anything positive from current dispensation of universities which are filled up with cocky professors and revolutionary individuals who stick to one ideology and will go to any extent to satisfy their ego. They are definitely not gurus or shishya. They are fringe elements of society who are equally if not more responsible for violence all around the world. Second batch responsible for these are the ‘self’ declared leaders sent by god. 

Om shanti Om.

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I am watching her dance and figuring out everything else.
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