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The choices we have: Roots in our civilization

The choices are also not in a simple fashion. They percolate down as in the form of a pyramid. The person with more consciousness has to make higher choices and the person with lower Consciousness has to make lower choices in order to sustain the civilizational flow which is in the form of lateral pyramid.

What is the base of my thought process?politics

Connection amongst writing, thinking, reading and seeing.

IQ tests, a historical tool for discrimination

The IQ test, which was started as a way to help students struggling in academics later, became a tool to segregate people in other ways based on deeply flawed ideologies.

Eligibility cutoff of CAT- Career in Advanced Terrorism, brought down for Hindus

Easier for Hindus to pursue Terrorism as a career. IEIA suggests the move will help them in advancing the 'Idea of Intellectual Terrorism.'

Whither art thou, my Intellectual?

There really is no threshold, beyond which, one particular human being crosses the imaginary boundary to jump over to the other side, of intellectual nirvana, and claim victory over other’s intellect!

भारतीय बुद्धिजीवियों की जड़ता (ओबसेशन)

“इन्टेलेक्ट” के लिए हमारा शब्द है “बुद्धि”। हमारे सिद्धांत में “बुद्धि” का तीसरा स्थान है (पश्चिम में इसका पहला स्थान है)। हमारे सिद्धांत में प्रज्ञा के चार घटकों में बुद्धि का तीसरा स्थान है।

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