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Tribals- The new target of breaking India forces

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Last week the entire conservative and right wing circles of the country were discussing about the “Sarna Code”. That Sarna code is anti-Hindu and an unnecessary trick to appease a section the society. But we are all missing the point that it is a major handiwork of the Christian missionaries and other breaking India forces with active support from various political parties and state governments, silently a mass movement is taking place to separate the tribals from Hindudom.

What is Sarna Code passed by the Jharkand Assembly[1]? To put it simply Sarna Code provides for a separate religion category for tribals of Jharkand in the upcoming census[2]. The tribal communities of Jharkand have been demanding for this code for a very long time. But the demand has been pushed by the Church and Christian missionaries silently from behind. Felix Toppo, archbishop and Theodore Mascarenhas, auxiliary bishop, Ranchi of Roman Ctholic Church wrote to Cm Hemant Soren asking for implementation of the Sarna Code in Jharkand[3]. The church even went on to say that National Registrar of Citizens(NRC) must be suspended till the Code is implemented[4].

“The Wire” portal known for its anti-Hindu and pro-left journalism in one of its article openly admitted and praised the church for uniting the tribals in asking for the protest against the previous government[5]. Though Christian tribals are very less in the state, they are acting as the main force behind anti development and anti Hindu activities.

Sarna code is for tribals who worship nature as god. Christians consider Jesus to be their god and worship his statue in the church. Then why are the church and missionaries so interested in Sarna Code? Why are they demanding for the Sarna Code? One simple agenda. To carry one with the mass conversions in the tribal belts of the country. Saran code divides the tribals from the Hindudom thus giving a freehand the Christian missionaries.

In the other corner of the country, a Christian Chief Minister in Andhra Pradesh declares that tribals belong to a different religion[6] and adds a separate column for them in the ongoing household survey. In the state of Odisha, Secretary general of Odisha Adibasi Kalyan Mahasangha Niranjan Bishi, said they are planning for a mass movement in demand for separate religion category for tribals[7]. This move will easily bring down the Hindu population by 8-10% in the nation. Hindus are already a minority in several states and this kind of acts separating tribals from the Hindudom will only increase the sufferings of Hindus.

RSS and its affiliate bodies like Vanavasi Kalyan Ashram have already jumped in and are conducting meetings with concerned parties to counter this anti Hindu move of the church[8]. But it wont be enough. Sarna Code is just the beginning.

Constitution Order(Scheduled Caste) 1950 clearly states that only a Hindu can be member of SC community thus reserving the benefits for the real underprivileged sections of the Hindu society. But Constitution Order(Scheduled Tribe) 1950 doesn’t say so. Due to this even after converting to Christianity, converts from ST communities availing reservations and other benefits. Its high time the central government changes this order.




[4] ibid





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