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Teachers assign essays with a 280 character limit

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Mumbai, India- The education ministry constantly updates the curriculum in an attempt to better equip the students with skills that are vital to attaining success in the future.

Often these modifications are fatuous, but the constituents acknowledge the effort and attribute these missteps to the state government’s lack of experience and the state government attributes these missteps to their predecessors, this goes on until the topic is out of the news cycle.

Communication is a skill of cardinal significance, and some students have made bold attempts at using this skill beyond the viva examination. Data regarding their success at deploying this skill is unavailable; this is partially because they failed at communicating their competency in communication through questions on the surveys.

Some education experts and Yogendra Yadav (who called me up while I was writing this article to inform me that he is an expert on education) believe that perhaps educational institutions can improve their students’ communication skills by encouraging them to play charades during the lunch break. Unfortunately, those students who are equipped with the social skills to play a game of charades are often spending their lunch break in detention.

A snowballing number of politicians are making Twitter their primary channel of communication. Twitter restricts users to 280 characters. This curtailment of words compels the users to be more creative, use contractions, and frequently omit vowels. As a result of this readers sometimes fail to comprehend the tweet.

This new format was implemented in certain schools in 2015 with a 140 character limit but in 2017 when Twitter doubled its character limit the schools followed suit and updated their syllabus. This resulted in students protesting across the state but neither Twitter nor the government took notice of these protests as the students failed to use the appropriate hashtags.

In spite of these shortcomings, the government has decided that 2021 onwards it will be mandatory for schools to assign 280 character essays because one of the penalties of refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by those who do.

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