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Is qutub minar a Hindu Monument?

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A lot of thanks and credits to Praveen Mohan

At present and even before, nearly all the people who know slightly about Qutub Minar, (Minar means a tower or a minaret) believe that it was built by Qutub-ud-din-aibak, as the name also suggests. Qutub-ud-din belonged to the Mamluk dynasty, or slave dynasty. He was a slave of Muhammad Ghori, a religiously-maniac, cruel, foreign invader, who invaded Bharat (earlier name of India) in the last 12th century. The Qutub Minar is portrayed as the most important achievement of Qutub-ud-din-aibak. But, does this breathtaking monument was really built by a Muslim ruler. You will be able to know the truth by the end of this.

So, I shall start.

Observation of the qutub minar complex-

Along with the minaret, the Qutub Minar complex also contains some other monuments which include a mosque called the Jama-Masjid, and also have the ruins of some ancient structures. Have a look on these ruins.

These ruins are of an ancient temple. Yes it is true. It will be more clear by these pictures below.

The four pictures shown above can only be present in a temple. The first one shows the carvings of bells, the second shows the defaced carving of Ganesh, a Hindu god, the third shows the defaced Hindu carvings and symbols, and the fourth one shows the war scene from the epic of the Ramayan. There are many other defaced carvings which belong to a Hindu temple. The fact is that, bells and idols are prohibited in islam, so it is not possible that these structures were made by a Muslim ruler. It must have been made prior to qutub-ud-din. Look at the next picture.

There is an uncompleted dome over this demolished temple structure. Why this dome was built here? Actually, the muslim invaders who invaded India didn’t bother to demolish the old structures, and built a new one. They simply used to create a dome over the top, defaced and erased the carvings, polished and plastered the walls.

That is what they had tried to do with this structure. But, they might have faced some kind of inconvenience or any such thing in doing these things with this structure, and that is why they left the dome uncompleted and demolished this structure, and created the mosque nearby.

But, does the mosque was built as a new structure, or was it also built on any existing older structure. Have a look on the dome of the mosque, not from outside but from inside.

By looking the dome from inside, anyone can clearly see that the work is done properly. This is not polished, moreover, it looks like someone has scrapped or destroyed something here. But, what does the dome look like from inside.

This is a type of dome, which is built like a lotus, which is quite similar in many temples. This dome has many levels, from bottom to top, which looks similar to the above picture of the dome of the mosque. It looks like the sculptors of the mosque tried to plain the dome by scratching the dome from inside.

But, this is not the only thing. Look at the structure of the mosque.

You can clearly see that the walls, pillars and the dome of the mosque are built with the same material, but the dome from outside is made from another material, which is not possible if the present mosque structure was completely built by the muslim ruler qutub-ud-din.

Even if you will look at the walls inside this present mosque structure, it will look like the sculptors had just scratched the whole wall, and just put on new plaster to cover up the Hindu carvings.

This will become more clear if you walk in through the present mosque structure without looking at the dome, you can’t realize that it is a mosque. It will look like as you are walking in through a temple. This will become more clear by the pictures below.

If you will show these pictures to anyone without telling that it is a mosque structure, almost everyone will agree that it is a temple structure. But, what about the minaret itself. The minaret is surrounded by the Hindu structures all-over.

Even the base of the minaret is surrounded by the Hindu structures, which you can see in the picture below.

But, what about the minaret itself.

The qutub minar

To understand whether the minaret is a Hindu structure or not, we first need to look why this was built. Most of the historians say that it was built as a tower to serve the purpose of calling the people to gather in the mosque for prayer.

But there is a serious problem in this theory. This minaret is 238 feet high, and it will take about 45 minutes for a fit person to reach the top. So, it will take around 1.20 hours each time to reach the top. And, one more thing is that in Islam, the prayer is done 5 times each day.

Therefore, it will take about 6 hours each day to do up-down and calling everyone for the prayer, which doesn’t seem realistic. But, there is one more problem. Even if anyone reaches the top and shouts with full potential, no one on the ground is going to listen anything.

So, this theory is nothing more than nonsense.

Moreover, if the mosque is the main building and the minaret was just built for calling everyone for the prayer in the main building, why the minaret is decorated so beautifully, and the mosque looks like an ordinary building?

Why the minaret which was just a tower was decorated and adorned with the verses of Quran in Arabic, while the primary building, i.e., the mosque was left undecorated? This theory that this was a tower is not possible.

Another possible explanation given to this is that this was actually a watch tower, built to keep watch on the enemy. This is a not more than a joke as qutub-ud-din did not built any fort for which he would have needed any watch tower, and moreover, qutub-ud-din made his capital in the city of Lahore, which is hundreds of miles away from the city of Delhi where this monument is built.

So, this theory is just a joke.

There is another theory believed by many historians that the minaret was not built completely by one ruler.

Instead, the first storey was built was built by the qutub-ud-din and the other storeys were built by rulers who came after him.

But, if qutub-ud-din built this as a single-storeyed monument, he must had made a shallow foundation, and the other rulers would have to go to the base and deepen the foundation, otherwise the monument would have crumbled down; and for this the new ruler had to demolish the monument.

But, according to this theory, each time a ruler would have decided to add a new storey, they would have to demolish the whole structure each time.

This is a joke. It is not possible, to demolish the entire structure and made a new one just to add a new storey.

No one would do this.

This is the same like anyone would say that the Empire-state building was initially built as single-floored house, and then people just kept adding new floors to it.

It would be a very bad joke.

There is a logical thing. The sculptors who can’t complete a dome on a Hindu structure and left it uncompleted and were even unable to demolish the structure completely, who just added a dome to the another Hindu structure, and plastered the walls to make it not look like a Hindu structure, built this breathtaking monument in just 4 years. This does not seem logical at all.

Now, another more important thing is that the name of the muslim ruler qutub-ud-din-aibak is clearly mentioned in the inscriptions on the mosque, but his name is not mentioned anywhere on the minaret itself.

If he had ordered to inscribe his name on a simple present-day mosque structure, why did not he order to inscribe his name on such a breathtaking monument? Now, another thing is that, if qutub minar was not built by Hindu rulers, then it means that the sculptors who built these Hindu structures left a circular place of 50-feet diameter in between these structures, so that after years (most probably decades) any muslim ruler will come and he would have to face no problem in building any structure at that place.

This is absolutely nonsense. Now, also have a close look on the minaret.

The minaret is also beautifully adorned with bells.

This is not possible that any Muslim ruler can built these bells because bells are strictly prohibited in Islam. Now, someone may argue that the qutub-ud-din forcibly made this monument by the Hindu residents of this country, and those Hindus draw these bells.

This is also not possible, and there are two reasons behind this. First, such a breathtaking monument cannot be made by forced labors, but needs skilled sculptors.

Second, the Muslim rulers severely punished anyone for even small mistakes, and they were especially cruel when it came to non-Mmuslims, Hindus here.

So, it is not possible that the forced Hindu labors had built these bells. Even the present name of this monument, i.e., Qutub Minar was coined just in the 18th century, cause this name does not exist in any of the recorded or written history before that.

Even in the book asar-us-sanadid, it is clearly written that this monument was not built by qutub-ud-din. In fact, the monument was built by Hindu rulers, much before qutub-ud-din. The important point here is that this book was written by a Muslim. Now, I am not going to say anything more.

Anyone who is reading this; I advise him/her to use his his/her conscience and think carefully.

Please think on whatever you have read and try to figure out that, whatever the historians and archaeologists have told us about our history and our ancestors, is that true?

Thank you to all who have read this. And, once again a lot of thanks to Praveen Mohan.

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