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How Congress-Islamist honeymoon in India backfired

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Muslim League members of Central Legislative Assembly elected in 1946 election, who fought for creation of Islamic Pakistan but did not leave India, became members of Indian Constituent Assembly after independence because of Congress Policy. That was the “Original Sin” of Congress. As those Muslim League members were loyal to Pakistan and not India, they were hindrance inside India’s Constituent Assembly.

In subsequent years and decades, Congress went on pampering Indian Muslims in spite of continued repression of non-Muslims in Pakistan and Bangladesh. Congress helped Indian Muslims to negate their integration with India through nine Islamic steps:

  1. Hajj subsidy: 1959.
  2. Central Waqf Council: 1964.
  3. All India Muslim Personal Law Board: 1972.
  4. Minority Institution status to AMU: 1981.
  5. National Commission for Minorities: 1992.
  6. National Commission for Minority Educational Institutions: 2004.
  7. Sachar Committee: 2005.
  8. Ministry of Minority Affairs: 2006.
  9. Minority Institution status to Jamia Millia Islamia University: 2011.

Muslims of Indian subcontinent ate the apple and had it also. They refused to stay with Hindu Kafir of British India and made Islamic Pakistan (East and West). But most of them stayed back in independent India also. The above mentioned nine Islamic steps taken by Congress allowed them to cultivate a sense of entitlement and exclusiveness in India over the past decades.

Side by side all non-Muslims have constantly been persecuted in Pakistan and Bangladesh. But successive Congress governments remained silent on that vital issue. This is the reason as to why Indian Muslims argue in favour of their practice of ‘heads I win, tails you lose’.

Gandhi ran after the mirage of Muslim loving from 1920, but neither could become their leader nor could prevent partition of India. Congress has been following Gandhi’s same peculiar attribute since seven decades. Both were many times bitten but never shy. Congress tried to be magnanimous with Indian Muslims. But ‘reciprocation’ has not been in the dictionary of Islam.

Countering of Muslim appeasement in India started in 2014 for the first time when BJP under Narendra Modi came to power. During 2017 ‘Triple Talaq’ was abolished. Article 370 was abolished in August 2019, Ram Mandir verdict came in November 2019 and CAA was passed in December 2019. For the first time Indian Muslims felt that there entitlement was threatened. They suddenly felt helpless and became angry too.

Indian Congress-Communist-Liberal-pseudo Secular gang and Lutyens media, which were inherently Muslim leaning and who were made irrelevant in Indian politics by Narendra Modi, started supporting the Islamic dissents of Indian Muslims against Modi. The gang and Lutyens media even started giving anti-national statements to support the Islamic cause in India with the objective of destabilizing BJP government. It was the age old ‘enemy’s enemy is my friend’.

Grandfathers and grate grandfathers of most of the today’s Indian Muslims never fought for freedom of India. Even Muslim poster boy of Congress party Maulana Abul Kalam Azad presided over 1927 Kolkata conference of Muslim League. Barring only a few exceptions, Muslims of British India fought for Islamic Pakistan only. Congress was a ‘Hindu Party’ to them. So, it becomes very interesting and funny now when Islamist journalists of present day India like Arfa Khanum Sherwani, Rana Ayyub and Saba Naqvi et al, become all praiseful about Congress, Gandhi, Nehru, and even Dr Ambedkar.  

These Islamist journalists also project them as exponent of Secularism, Pluralism and Indian Constitution. They don’t get tired of glorifying ‘Ganga-Jamuni Tehzeeb’, which their forefather forgot before 1947. The fact of the matter is there is nothing like Moderate Islam or Moderate Muslim. Islam can’t change its iron box. In Islamic teaching, there is no concept of state; it is always Ummah. And country and Constitution are not above Islam. So, Secularism, Pluralism and Indian Constitution are nothing but tricks for Indian Islamists journalists in particular and Muslim in general.

Malaysia can be used as a case study to understand the actual intent of Islam in India. Malaysia became independent from Britain in 1957. As per census of AD 2000, Muslims constituted 60.4% of total population in Malaysia. But with that thin majority in favour of Muslim population, Islam was made state religion in its 1957 Constitution.

Secularism, pluralism and inclusiveness have been anti-thesis of Islam since 1400 years. In India, Islamists cry overtly for Secularism, pluralism and inclusiveness only because of their numerical weakness. They neither believe nor practice those. Their covert plan is Islamization of India with demographic shift, assertion, violence and playing of victim card.

Indian Islamists can feel that laws pertaining to population control and conversion will be implemented in near future in India under BJP rule. To pre-empt those, the duel words of “Intolerance” and “Islamophobia” are being in constant use by Islamic-Congress-Communist-Liberal-pseudo Secular gang and Lutyens media. They are a rabid lot now!

The bottom line is Indian society has been divided permanently between BJP supporter Hindus on one hand and Islamists (with support from Congress-Communist-Liberal-pseudo Secular gang and Lutyens media) on the other. There are very few fence sitters now.

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