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Why Indian democracy is dying

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We have seen many nasty dumb fights between the so called government supporters and government opposers. Many of us might have been labelled as one of the above due to some of our actions or speech, even though we might not belong to it. In this article we’ll see how we are destroying our democracy by this division. After reading the article’s topic, you might think that I’m a left winger. Well, all the problem starts there! By separating/identifying a person based on his act or thought [i.e. left / right]. First let’s see what’s a democracy. A democracy might be easily explained as a government “of the people, by the people and for the people”. India being a democratic country, the leaders are chosen by its people. So, if India is a democratic country, why am I saying that it’s a dying democracy. Let’s find out:

India has the largest democracy in the world but the problem nowadays is that the people of India have been divided into two parts namely the left wing and right wing. In my opinion this separation of people is a very stupid concept, which is not applicable to a diverse country like India. This terrible attempt at copying the west is literally destroying us. In a democracy the people are given a free choice that, they can choose their leader with full freedom. The person who has the majority support is declared the leader. Then all the people should accept that person as their leader, even if some people doesn’t like them personally.

But these people want only their party to rule, even if they lost by giving silly excuses like EVM rigging. If people don’t accept the person as their leader even after the elections are over, is that called democracy? People should stop thinking that their ideology/opinion is more important than the majority of the nation’s opinion. Our democracy has stooped to such a level that the so called leftists start opposing each and every act that the elected government do. They don’t care even if it is good for the nation, they manipulate the media to spread their personal propagandas and create an unrest in the whole nation.

These people are openly wishing for the death of their prime minister and home minister! Former Madhya Pradesh MLA openly calls for our prime minister’s assasination! Is this called democracy? And yet, they call others fascists. These people start or incite a riot everytime the government passes some acts, creating anti national feelings within many. These anti national (Breaking India forces as termed by the respected Rajiv malhotra ji ) force’s presence can be felt now like never before. Their selective outrage makes things worse, like the recent happenings at Hathras. Even though forensics have stated that it is not a rape, the so called left wingers are outraging for it. Outraging for that horrific murder is not wrong, what is wrong is to say ‘rapists don’t have religion but always have a caste’ [especially if the rapist is an upper caste Hindu], what is wrong is that they are completely ignoring the other rape cases like the one that happened at Balrampur and the hundreds of women raped in Rajastan, their selective outrage for the minority appeasement is pathetic.

Only because of Nehrus and Gandhis selective outrage and minority appeasement has resulted in the deaths of millions across the country. We must not let history repeat again! Celebrities like Farhan Akhtar was inciting protests against CAA (Citizenship Ammendment Act) without even knowing what CAA is! Rahul Gandhi and priyanka Gandhi went to visit the Hathras case victim’s family to console them but later, a video emerged where we can see them laughing while going there. He is also being suspected of preparing to incite riots in UP.

Journalists are shamelessly referring to the brutal killing in Hathras as a god given oppurtunity for the congress in UP. But if we outrage against these people, the so called leftists defend them for the sake of their ideology! They won’t even acknowledge that they did something wrong. Once you are identified to a ideology, the problem is that, you HAVE to support it and you HAVE to defend it’s faults. We live in an age, where if a person does or says anything related to a party or ideology, people quickly place them in the LR box [left/right]. After placing you in the box, if your so called ideology matches their concrete ideology box, they will hear you out, sympathize with you, support you, defend you but if your ideology doesn’t match theirs, they won’t hear you, they’ll attack you for all stupid reasons, they’ll harass you, abuse you and blame you for everything. This is the real pathetic state of our country!

We can’t do ANYTHING without being placed in a party’s ideology. When a person belongs to a certain political ideology, this literally means that they will appreciate everything their party does and abuse everything that the opposition party does. In that sense, OUR DEMOCRACY IS DEAD because all the people are fixed about who they want to vote. They are not even ready to hear others out, this feudalistic way is happening right from the schools where many teachers are ingraining their ideology in their student’s minds and behave indifferently towards those students who have different ideologies. I thought this was happening only in my school but later realized that this was the situation all over the country. This is cruel for a student to endure and this is happening all over the nation.

This concrete concept of ideologies definitely just doesn’t work. When people have already fixed who they want to vote forever, where’s the Democracy in that? People should look at the parties with an open mind and not a FIXED MIND. The democratic election method is also called the secret ballot but where’s the secrecy in the ballot, if you are already fixed to a party. It is the policy of the law to protect the right of voters to the secrecy of the ballot but here we are parading who we are going to vote. Wouldn’t you call that a dead democracy, well that’s what we are creating in India. “A dead democracy where all the people already fixed their leaders and won’t accept others“. People should stop sticking to some party and stop voting on the basis of caste, creed, religion, etc. We, as a responsible citizen of India, should act as a free individual, think as a free individual without being bound to a specific ideology. We must not identify ourselves with any party and we must not identify others with any party! Only then democracy will stay alive!

This is the unfortunate reality that is happening in front of our eyes. So many open minded people are stuck in this trap because of others. We as a responsible society must break free from these petty left, right ideologies and view things with a open mind. I have personally suffered a lot due to people fixing me to a certain ideology and so have countless people in this country. This feudalistic way of thinking must go, if we want India to thrive fast. Those parents and students who are reading this article, I plead with them to not fix ideologies on anyone or yourself and see, analyze everything with a free mind. Don’t break India into two with this stupid idea of right and left.

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