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Save Hindus, save Bengali

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Save Hindus, stop exodus of Hindus in Meghalaya in north east India

Normally in India, 7 sisters states are consider to be in sub Himalayan terrain with beautiful scenery. But what eyes see and what the reality is far more different, since 1979 the Hindus living in Meghalaya are consider a third class citizen, being the domicile and being minority religious community of the same state they have to go through a lot of unjust and equality, they cant buy land, can’t get government administration jobs even can’t live peacefully. In 1972 population was 40% of Hindus but now its 9% of the state population. Sometimes I wonder what happened why there is so much decline in the population rate of Hindu but when saw the reality my eyes rolled out tear. Being Hindu in Meghalaya seems to be a crime, since 1977 Hindus have been butchered by local NGO (KSU,GSU,HNLC). Its time for Hindus from all over India to unite and save our Hindu brothers and provide them equality. Let’s we all unite and let us not make it second KASHMIR.

Recently they have beaten NIIT student and bengali people. They Have been granted special status of state; it doesn’t mean that they will start killing Hindus.

Please find the link of youtube this Hindu Guy (Vicky Dey) and his friend clearly explain how they have been tortured:

This Guy is clearly explaining how exactly genocide and persecutions of Hindus has happened since 1977 in Meghalaya. Please support this. Its not any agenda but fight for right to equality and a proud life. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jODSITbiInA

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